AB de Villiers – The nickname for the beauty of cricket; Epic without copybook shots

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‘I’m sure this is not my story. Only what God intended for me to accomplish ‘

-AB The Autobiography

One who maintains a balanced attitude as a person in the game of gentlemen. But the style of play is undisciplined and exciting. There is attack and there are great shots. There is more to it than the mentality of crushing opponents. Cayman is one of the most aggressive batsmen to bring adverse conditions to the center of his bat even when climbing a pressure tent. Those who have found a place in the list of batsmen in the world of cricket as legends are the ones who have added copy book shots. De Villiers was not like that. When it comes to the ball, it does not look good or bad. The habit is to score. Extraordinary hand May flexibility is a rare beauty that is manifested in every shot.

Start by remembering the golden moment

AB De Villiers the beauty of cricket with copybook shots

The autobiography begins with the golden moment of cricketing life. In January 2015, he scored a quick century against the West Indies in ODI cricket. Many of the fans must have seen that innings. At least the highlights but those who do not see are rarely those numbers. Half century from 16 balls. Century when the number of balls is 31. 16 of them hit the ground without touching the ground. This is how AB started to exemplify the rule of a cricket batter.

Cricket is described as a game of gentlemen. But the definition given by ABD in his autobiography is remarkable, ‘the gentleman who never hurts anyone’. But it is rare for a De Villiers batsman not to be hurt by a panther or a non-batsman. Ranchi is one of the rare fielders to hit balls that cross the boundary when they go down to the field.

AB is above cricketer too

AB De Villiers the beauty of cricket with copybook shots

Do not limit this protege legend to a cricketer. AB, who excelled in rugby, hockey, football, tennis, golf and many more at a young age, has proven his mastery of writing and storytelling through his autobiography. After retiring from cricket, one can also try out the role of a playwright ..! DeVilleurs was born in 1947 into a middle-class family. He was born in Warbaths, near Pretoria. He also wrote about life outside of cricket. Working brothers were given the task of ensuring drinking water, being forced to carry soil while farming, and can sometimes enjoy reading stories that brought tears to their eyes. AB himself has found a good way to avoid getting caught up in the money of the sports sector. He hired his own financial assistant and started the AB Foundation as a volunteer. Inspired by this, RCB’s best friend Virat Kohli also started a foundation in his own name.

Cricket is about war and peace

AB De Villiers the beauty of cricket with copybook shots

Despite their notoriety as a batsman, the Proteas have made a name for themselves in all formats of cricket. AB points out that this is due to the fact that he regularly plays in different leagues. A soldier carrying a bag and a cricket kit on a trip abroad has been compared to going to war. If the soldiers fight only under certain circumstances, the cricketer fights frequently. De Villiers says that no matter how developed the world of cricket is, Test cricket itself is more beautiful, consisting of white-shirted, red-ball batsmen defending against them and fielding patiently even in the scorching heat. AB also assures the reader that he will be a fan in the gallery of Test matches for the rest of his life.

‘Encouragement of Indians’

AB De Villiers the beauty of cricket with copybook shots

Thus a part is included in the autobiography itself. As a Royal Challengers player, it’s not surprising that AB, who flies sixes according to the noise coming from the gallery, has included such a chapter in his soul story. This is because the IPL also plays a role in generating mileage for developers. This protege has more fans in India than in South Africa. Knowing this, he said that Bangalore is my Asian country. When De Villiers finished the IPL, there were many who spread the will to other teams.

AB was Jondi’s Rose

AB De Villiers the beauty of cricket with copybook shots

Jonty Rose is one of the greatest fielders of all time in the world of cricket. ‘This version of me is another guy’. We saw it behind the wicket and in the field. The average bowling speed of Proteas pacers is between 140 and 145. ‘AB would have jumped even if he saw the balls flying at the same speed as a bouncer at a height of two feet. Not only will the conductors tell you that you tried to catch them, but you will see the results on the scoreboard. ‘ This was the de Villiers adjective used by Firdos Munda, a South African sports correspondent.

Autobiographies and films of sports stars are generally accepted, but they are also part of the expectation that there will be a ‘routine’. The role of saying something exclusively. There is no such thing in AB The Autobiography. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly in 2015. He was active on the field that day. Or, as ABD said, it’s not because I wrote it, but because God wrote it for me.

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