Abad AS Al Salama College Alumni Grand Meeting | Abbot AS Al Salama College Alumni Grand Meeting

Doha: Al Salama College AS Abbot Qatar Alumni Up Grand Meeting 2023 Matar Khadeem walked in MRA restaurant. A student from Abbott College AS Al Salama who has just arrived in Qatar The help desk system for people to get jobs was also started at the ceremony. Around 80 alumni of batches from 2006 to 2018 took part. Various art programs were also performed.

For Al Salama Alumni students and their families Riyadh Med Card issued in collaboration with Yada Medical Center Launched Jamshi, Managing Director of Riyadh Medical Center and Alumni Member Mr. Hamza spoke. Amir Shaji presided.

Muhammad Mustafa, Anwar, Safir, Murshid Ali, Sadiq Chalil, A Lena and Shahna Femi started representing different batches. Muhammad Ansar, Ashiq, Najma, Jufita etc gave leadership. Muhammad Rafnaz said welcome and Muhammad Shakeel said thank you.

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