Abbot opens Slap a child and get merit Get angry, pray in a low voice, pay 2 ten thousand, Stop – relatives shout

Abbot opens Slap a child and get merit Get angry, pray in a low voice, pay 2 ten thousand, Stop – relatives shout The child’s mother was arguing in the temple Can you just get angry and get merit like this?

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On October 3, 65, reporters reported on the progress of the parents of a grade 5 student at a school in Wang Sam Mo district, Udon Thani province, who complained of being used by the abbot of Wat Analypukho, Phasuk sub-district, Wang Sam Mo The arhat’s palm cut Mr. Ohm, 17, until his face fell, amidst the shock of 29 friends in the activities of the ethics camp for children. were punished by school teachers for entering the line The incident happened on Friday morning, September 30, 65.

by Nong Om who said that the abbot of the temple famously slapped his face hard causing the face to fall to the friend from behind He wanted to cry, couldn’t cry. very shocked and sad because I have never come across such an incident. Regarding the reason for being slapped by the abbot, he said that he had to take a friend to recite the chant in a low voice, and he said, “Having been slapped, you have gained merit.” On returning home, he he is scared and embarrassed to tell his mother and his friends who attended the training together Tell your friend’s mother to your mother and come and ask. So he told my mother While the parents wanted to take the matter of the famous abbot of the temple as much as possible He should not have done this to students like this. is the abbot of the temple and is also the clergyman of the area

Recently, the reporters traveled to Wat Analayo Phu Kho, Ban Dong Klang, Phasuk Subdistrict, Wang Sam Mo District, Udon Thani Province to inquire about the facts about what happened. Meet 45-year-old Phra Maha Sayan Apipunyo, the abbot of the temple. and was abbot of Wang Sam Mo District. I confirmed that the real slap was not making excuses, not arguing. The part that said I had been slapped and had the merit of confirming that he was telling the truth The reason for the slap was because of anger. This is because the child seems to have no intention of praying. The ego may have used an archaic term. Some like this have only forgotten to think that the modern age cannot be accepted, slapped with a strong palm, by being impatient But if you look if it is overdoing it If it is according to the discretion of the parents it can also be. Next, if you train again Maybe there will be another one. As for the parents, however, it depends on the parents.

While Phra Maha Sayan was talking to his parents, it appeared that Ms. Aoi, a relative of Ohm’s mother. We argued with the Reverend Father, saying that this child was a good-natured, unruly child, got 0, never got a grade of 3.80 and came to the temple. in order to take care of the children His younger brother rarely speaks. Dad has hit the wrong person. The monk is impatient Speak loudly and slap the child. Slap so hard that you fall The reason for coming to the temple because we can’t go in line Come to train and cultivate habits in the temple for monks to learn and teach. Discipline the children Not for the monks to slap like this. The more you become a monk, you need to learn a lot. more respectful

“You are less educated. When you’re wrong, don’t slap it. You say slap and get merit. I am not. Now you have sinned. You say it’s wrong. A child hit by a monk is a sin.”

At the end, Phra Maha Sayan said quietly. I agree with everything. I would like to fold my arms to make a gift to Nong Ohm for 20,000 baht, but my parents still do not accept it. I ask to report it and then say it again. Because of concern that children will have side effects in the future

Recently, Pol Col. Sakda Mueanpho, deputy chief of the Udon Thani Provincial Police. Acting in the situation, the manager of Udon Thani has urgently ordered the investigating officer of Wang Sam Mo police station. Prosecute honestly and fairly to both parties, especially parents of children who have filed a complaint. assigned Mr. Kamthorn Nuthong, director of Wang Sam Mo Wittayakarn School President of the United Campus, Non Si Wang Travel to visit grade 5 students Today, the abbot of the famous temple slaps his hand with the face of an arahant.

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