Abejan has a polythene roof over his head, a struggling life with 3 daughters

Abejan Begum. Age 40 years. No piece of land. No residence. This woman, abandoned by her husband, is living in the balcony of her mother’s house. She is living with 3 daughters including a mentally challenged daughter in that balcony with a polythene screen and mat on the floor. As there is no earning person in the family, he is living without any food.

This mother is also going door to door to public representatives in the hope of a house as a gift for Mujib Barsha. Meanwhile, one of his daughters is ready for marriage.

Abejan is the daughter of deceased Abdul Majid of Rahmatpur village of Nilganj union of Kalapara upazila of Patuakhali.

About 25 years ago, Abejan got married as a teenager. Three daughters were born in her house after marriage. But happiness did not come to the forehead. The first husband left Abejan and her daughters. The second marriage took place about 5 years ago. A daughter was also born in that house. But that husband also left. As a result, a struggling life begins with four daughters. Later, the local people somehow married Abejan’s eldest daughter.

Abejan started living with 3 daughters by building a polythene house next to the ancestral house. He also lost that shelter in Cyclone Sitrang last year. Later he went to the balcony of the delicate house of the parents with the girls. He started living there with a polythene cover over his head. As there is no cot, chaat bark has to be used as a bed on the floor. Abejan’s family survives without eating two meals with the income earned from working in people’s homes.

But he is obsessed with the disabled girl. Unbeknownst to the family, the girl sometimes goes in different directions. He had to be found later. Currently, while taking care of this girl, the income is on the way to stop.

Meanwhile, Abejan’s other daughter is also ready for marriage. He spends his days worrying about not being able to marry his daughter due to lack of money. So Abejan demanded financial support from the government of Mujib Barsha’s house and the wealthy of the society.

Delwar Mia, a resident of Rahmatpur village, said, ‘This family is the most helpless in our area. Their family is running without eating two meals. We help when we can. But nothing happens to them with little help. At present, the mentally challenged girl needs treatment. Besides, Abejan has no house. A girl is suitable for marriage.’

Hasan Parvez, another resident of the same area, said, ‘I have never seen such a helpless family in my life. Their lives are going on in great difficulty. We locals married a girl from Abejan by collecting subscriptions.’

He also said, ‘Abejan is currently living with a polythene sheet on the balcony. It is not possible for people to live in that chapra during the monsoon season. Abejan needs government support.’

Abejan Begum said, ‘Earlier I used to work in people’s houses. Any kind of family was run with the income. But now I can’t even work properly for disabled girl. I have been borrowing rice from neighbors for the past one week. Now nobody wants to lend. Had only one meal with the children in the last two days. Life is no longer going on. I am also worried about the girls. We could have gone on with a little help.’

He also said, ‘I am currently living in the balcony of the house. It is not possible to stay here during monsoon season. So if the government would have given me a house, maybe I could have been a bit more secure with my children.’

Kalapara Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Shankar Chandra Vaidya said, “If Abejan applies, they will try to gift him a Mujibvarsh house.”


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