Abhirami’s death: Report of bank failed to issue foreclosure notice – Kollam | Kollam Abhirami Suicide | Bank of Kerala | Kerala Bank attachment notification

Kollam: In the case of a graduate student, Abhirami, who was upset about the Kerala Bank putting up a seizure board in front of her house, the Kollam Co-operative Registrar’s preliminary report said there was a mistake in posting the seizure notice. Ajikumar’s ailing father was wrongly served with a forfeiture notice. According to the report, the notice should have been served on Ajikumar who had taken the loan.

The officers failed miserably in getting Ajikumar’s father to sign the seizure notice without informing him of its contents. The report states that if the borrower is present, the benefit should be obtained and signed by him.

Abhirami (20), the only daughter of Ajikumar and Shalini, was found hanging dead inside the house at 4.30pm on Tuesday. Abhirami committed suicide when Ajikumar and Shalini approached the bank asking for an extension to avoid foreclosure.

English Summary: Kollam Abhirami Suicide: Report on Kerala Bank attachment notice

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