ABKO Announces Special Pricing for the ABKO BLD30 Retro Turntable Speaker: Get 40% off the Regular Price!

ABKO (CEO: Kwang-Geun Oh) has announced a special promotion for the ABKO BLD30 Retro Turntable Speaker (hereafter referred to as BLD30). This model not only faithfully replicates the function of a basic LP turntable but also boasts a design that enhances its overall aesthetic appeal. The exquisite wooden body seamlessly blends into any space, exuding a sense of luxury. As part of this exclusive event, the BLD30 is currently available for the discounted price of 49,900 won, which is approximately 40% off its regular price of 81,900 won.

The BLD30 incorporates a 3-stage RPM system, allowing it to play a wide range of vinyl records, from 12-inch LPs to 7-inch singles. Equipped with two built-in 3W full-range drivers, this speaker delivers stable and clear sound quality. Moreover, it comes with a high-quality stylus that ensures a pristine audio experience.

In addition to its impressive features, the BLD30 is equipped with Bluetooth functionality, enabling wireless music playback not just via LPs but also through various smart devices. With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 support, users can effortlessly connect their smartphones and tablet computers, granting them the convenience to enjoy their favorite tunes sans LP records.

The recent resurgence of vinyl records has led to a growing demand for turntables among consumers. From avid listeners who cherished LPs in the past to the modern MZ generation seeking a touch of retro nostalgia, various age groups are seeking out LPs and turntables. Responding to this trend, Abco has entered the turntable speaker market with the launch of the BLD series.

Please note that the BLD30 is available in limited quantities, adding an exclusive touch to any space while evoking a sense of analog nostalgia. Don’t miss out on this opportunity before it expires.

ABKO (CEO: Kwang-Geun Oh) reported on the special price of ABKO BLD30 Retro Turntable Speaker (hereafter referred to as BLD30).

BLD30 is a model that is faithful to the function of a basic LP turntable, but also enhances the completeness of the design as an internal accessory. The luxurious wooden body design blends naturally and luxuriously with any space. Through this event, you can meet 49,900 won, about 40% off the regular price of 81,900 won.

This product is a 3-stage RPM system and can play everything from original 12-inch LPs to 7-inch single LPs. In addition, the speaker implements more stable and clear sound with two built-in 3W full-range drivers. Here, a high-quality stylus is placed to provide clearer sound quality.

The BLD30 has a Bluetooth function, so it is possible to listen to music wirelessly using Bluetooth as well as the LP version. With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 support, you can easily connect to various smart devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, so you can enjoy songs even without an LP.

With the recent revival of vinyl records, more consumers are looking for turntables. Various age groups are looking for LPs and turntables, from listeners who enjoyed listening to LPs in the past to the MZ generation looking for retro inserts. Accordingly, Abco launched the BLD series to enter the turntable speaker market.

It is a limited quantity of BLD30, which enhances the dignity of the space and evokes analog nostalgia, and expires when it expires.

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