ABKO Co, Ltd Launches S1500 LED Vacuum Tube Speaker: Create a Stylish Look with Retro Style Design

ABKO Launches New Retro-Style LED Vacuum Tube Speaker

ABKO Co, Ltd (CEO: Kwang-Geun Oh), a company known for creating innovative products, has introduced the ‘ABKO S1500 LED vacuum tube speaker (hereinafter referred to as the S1500)’ as part of its new life platform.

The S1500 is a visually appealing retro-style speaker that features an LED vacuum tube tone lamp, which adds a classic touch to its design. Its compact size and retro aesthetics make it an ideal choice for various settings, such as homes and cafes.

Equipped with a 6W driver, the S1500 delivers consistent sound quality across all frequencies, from low to high notes. The high-density MDF material used in its construction enhances the depth and richness of the sound, while the thick enclosure minimizes vibrations, resulting in a fuller and more immersive audio experience. These meticulous design details ensure that the sound produced is both rich and stable.

Featuring convenient USB connectivity, the S1500 offers a hassle-free user experience, ensuring a stable audio connection without interruptions. Not only does it lend a stylish ambiance to music listening, but it also enhances the enjoyment of movies and dramas when connected to a TV or monitor. It is important to note that although the S1500 incorporates a real vacuum tube and offers an LED effect, it does not support the amplifier function and is powered solely by USB.

The S1500 LED vacuum tube speaker, designed to stand out and provide an interior effect wherever it is placed, is now available at an affordable online price of 29,900 won, as compared to other similar products on price comparison sites.


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[smartPC사랑=남지율 기자] ABKO Co, Ltd (CEO: Kwang-Geun Oh), which creates a new life paradigm, ‘New Life Platform’, announced the launch of ‘ABKO S1500 LED vacuum tube speaker (hereinafter: S1500)’.

The S1500 is a retro-style speaker with a classic feel with an LED vacuum tube tone lamp. It has a retro style design and compact size, which makes it portable and practical, so it fits well in different places such as homes and cafes.

This product has a 6W driver and stably outputs sound across the entire range from low to high notes. The body is made of high-density MDF material to create a deeper and more robust sound field, and the thick enclosure that surrounds the entire speaker absorbs vibration to express a richer tone. Thanks to these details, the sound can be felt to be rich and stable.

It is easy and convenient to use by supporting USB connection. A stable audio connection is possible without interruption. You can create a stylish look with a unique atmosphere not only when listening to music, but also when watching movies or dramas by connecting to a TV or monitor. The S1500 has a real vacuum tube and has an LED effect, but it is a USB-powered product and does not support the amplifier function.

The S1500 LED vacuum tube speaker, which allows you to feel the interior effect that stands out anywhere, was released at the lowest online price of 29,900 won based on price comparison sites.

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