Abolition of national petitions that were answered directly by the president


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Moon Jae-in government’s Blue House [국민청원]abolished and the Yun Seok-yeol government [국민제안] We have created a new website.

Unlike the national petition, it is 100% real name system and the contents are kept private.

This is the report by Lee Jung-eun.

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The Nth room incident that angered the entire nation.

More than 5 million people agreed to the petition to punish the perpetrators severely, and the Commissioner General of the National Police Agency responded.

[민갑룡/당시 경찰청장(2020년 3월 24일)]

“I will put in all the power I can as a police officer to thoroughly investigate.”

The national petition has been received by 1.11 million, functioning as a public forum, and has been selected as one of the symbols of the Moon Jae-in government.

With the inauguration of the new government, the presidential office abolished the civil petition system and created a new [국민제안] It was announced that a bulletin board was created.

You can file complaints or petitions by uploading texts and videos online, or you can also file a complaint by calling 102.

However, it is operated under a real name, and the contents are kept private.

[강승규/대통령실 시민사회수석]

“In order to avoid distorting public opinion and creating public opinion through macro prevention, it is operated under a 100% real-name system.”

If the contents of the petition are disclosed, there is a risk that it will become a political issue that promotes conflict.

The Office of the President said that it will guarantee that if the people make a proposal or petition, they will receive a reply within the time limit set by the law, from 30 to 150 days, respectively.

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However, amid the controversy that it is one of erasing the former government, some are pointing out that the real-name system and private operation may limit public participation.

This is Lee Jung-eun from MBC News.

Video coverage: Koo Bon-won Dok Go-myung / Video editing: Lee Jeong-seop

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