Aboriginal female singer shouting “rely on the motherland” after showing her Chinese identity card, she was dug out by the Internet as a minor 3 to help her body 29 years ago-Minshi News Network

Entertainment Center/Reported by Lin Tingling

Aboriginal female singer Qian Baihui (real name Zhong Lanxin) became popular in 1984 with her first record album “Siyu Long Lane”, and successively released songs “When I Miss You”, “Walking Through Coffee House” and “Amidst the Rain” became popular in Taiwan , China and Southeast Asia. On the 27th, Qian Baihui posted a “Chinese ID Card” in the film, emphasizing that “has been in possession for more than 20 years,” and even exclaimed that “the motherland is my strong support.”

The 58-year-old Qian Baihui made a video on Douyin on the 27th. It can be seen in the film that she is wearing a black and white diamond check suit with a black low-collar shirt and a black and white diamond beret of the same color on her head. She mentioned “I It is a thousand hundred benefits from the Gaoshan tribe in Taiwan, China,” and then revealed his Chinese identity card.

The 58-year-old Qian Baihui posted a video on Douyin on the 27th, mentioning “I am Qian Baihui from the Gaoshan tribe of Taiwan, China.” (Picture/Retrieved from Qianbaihui Weibo)

In the video, Qian Baihui emphasized that “I had this identity card more than 20 years ago”, and shouted to the camera “Don’t bully me in the future!”, and wrote in the post “No matter where I am, the motherland is my strong I’m proud of it.” After the video was exposed, it attracted Chinese netizens to discuss, and left a message below saying that “she is actually Taiwanese”, “Taiwanese accent has not changed”, “This is a Chinese ID card obtained by a junior high, so don’t promote it.”, “When I was young She is so beautiful and has a unique and nice voice. She likes the songs she sings very much”, “Her singing is very catchy,” and “I remember that the TV station broadcasted their gossip several times.”

Aboriginal female singer shouting
Qian Baihui emphasized in the film that “I had this identity card more than 20 years ago”, and shouted to the camera, “Don’t bully me in the future!” (Picture/Retrieved from Qianbaihui Weibo)

Qian Baihui, who has been away from the screen for many years, released her new song “Stay in Chengdu” in April this year and made her comeback again. She went to participate in the Asian Games special program “Light of the Asian Games” in 1991, saying that she had fallen in love with Beijing since then and was newly married at that time. Gao Dalin, a well-known composer who has been at least 3 months old, developed an extramarital affair. Gao Dalin’s ex-wife is an actor and popular singer He Jing. After the news of the marriage was exposed, it caused heated discussions from all walks of life. Gao Dalin immediately ended his less than one year marriage with He Jing. The following year Will marry Qianbaihui into the door.


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