About 78% of Union Cope’s sales are to Tomaus owners

Dubai : Union Coop, the UAE’s largest consumer co – operative, accounts for 78% of total business with loyalty program ‘Tamayas’ cardholders. So far, 6,72,759 customers have joined Tamayas.

According to Union Cope, the number of customers is in the ‘Gold’ category for shareholders and ‘Silver’ for other customers. Huda Saleem Saif, Union Communications Senior Communication Section Manager, UnionCop, said:

Tomas Gold has 33,173 shareholders. The Silver, meanwhile, has 6,39,586 non-shareholder members. Loyalty cardholders account for 78% of UnionCop’s total sales in two categories. Tamayas cards are available free of cost to customers at all UnionCop branches. These can then be registered and activated online to qualify for the full benefits of the loyalty program. Tamas cards can also be obtained through Customer Happiness Centers at all UnionCop branches.

Loyalty points will continue to come on the Tamayas card when purchasing from UnionCop. Cardholders will also be eligible for special discounts and other offers announced each time at UnionCop. Loyalty points in each category will be used to get a cash discount when they reach a certain number.

In addition, you can easily register on the UnionCop website and order items from the webstore. She said UnionCop was able to fulfill the shopping aspirations of a large section of the population through discounts of up to 90 per cent in many cases.



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