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guide Hello everyone, Kobayashi will explain to you. About why Wu Xiubo was removed from the Snow Leopard’s list, the details behind the exposure of the related information made netizens happy, many people do not know this, now let’s …

Hello everyone, Kobayashi will explain to you. About why Wu Xiubo was removed from Snow Leopard’s name, the details behind the exposure of relevant information made netizens happy, many people still do not know this, let’s look now!

1. Why Wu Xiubo was expelled from Snow Leopard Wu Xiubo participated in an anti-Japanese TV series “Snow Leopard” in his early years, which became very popular as soon as it was broadcast. Recently, a certain satellite TV is also re-broadcasting this TV series. But many netizens found, in the process of rebroadcasting the show,

2. When the actor was at the end of the film, Wu Xiubo’s name was directly mosaicked. Let’s look at the performance of this show on other platforms. Wu Xiubo’s name is also impressively listed. From this point of view, this is also the original intention of Satellite TV, which directly removed Wu Xiubo’s name. After watching such a scene,

3. Reminiscent of the recent scandal between Wu Xiubo and Chen Yulin, which caused an uproar. It is inevitable to think that this is the show’s response after the public opinion became extremely controversial about Wu Xiubo.

4. On January 18, an open letter from the parents of actor Chen Yulin brought the Wu Xiubo incident, which had subsided somewhat, into focus again. The open letter said Chen Yulin was taken away on November 5, 2018 on suspicion of extortion, and is still in custody or will face more than 10 years in prison. His family said,

5. After the incident was revealed, Wu Xiubo offered to pay compensation in the form of breach fees, so Chen Yulin believed that he was framed.

6. The chain reaction of the Wu Xiubo scandal is another matter. This time, Wu Xiubo was directly removed from the group. At the same time, after watching this behind the scenes, it is really surprising that the Wu Xiubo incident has had a great impact on the film and television industry. First, “Lover 2” was canceled, followed by Beijing Satellite TV’s Spring Festival Gala and ace variety show.

7. At the same time, the work starring Yang Ying was renamed and it was reported that the work had been adapted into a web drama. Now, netizens have discovered that Wu Xiubo’s name was coded in a replay of early film and television works that appeared on the show.

8. This series of events can be said to be a chain reaction triggered by the events of Wu Xiubo and Chen Yulin. More importantly, this is only film and television works, excluding companies invested and controlled by Wu Xiubo, as well as unfilmed film and television works. The consequences of this chain reaction can be said to be endless.

9. Wu Xiubo is deeply involved in negative news. Due to the scandal, the film starring Wu Xiubo had to be withdrawn. But I didn’t expect to find out recently that Wu Xiubo was removed from “Snow Leopard”. How is this going? Judging from the broadcast time, “Snow Leopard” has been on the air for a long time.

10. But now some netizens have carefully discovered that Wu Xiubo has been removed from the crew of “Snow Leopard”, and the details are open! Next, let’s look, this storm is a bit fierce!

11. The new movie “Love Saint 2” was withdrawn, and many netizens can guess that the reason behind it is related to the Wu Xiubo scandal. However, events like this followed one after the other, and other phenomena even emerged. A TV series called “Snow Leopard”,

12. It has been broadcast for several years, and now it is being rebroadcast. Wu Xiubo’s character and his real name have been mosaicked. In response to Wu Xiubo’s disclosure of “Snow Leopard”, some netizens said that this should be done for unscrupulous artists, so that it will be binding.

13. However, there are also netizens who think that there will not be such a big quarrel The previous ones belong to the past, and the future ones will not care at all. But anyway, Wu Xiubo’s scandal this time is rather fierce!

14. In addition to removing the cast, Wu Xiubo’s show also adopted a technical remake. It is reported that, including “Ace Vs Ace”, Beijing Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala and other programs. It has also been re-produced with technical means, and Wu Xiubo’s scenes have been cut and deleted from the list. in addition,

15. Xiaomi mobile phone, Ping An Bank, Anjuke, 51 credit card and cold acid toothpaste, etc. These certifications were also withdrawn. From this point of view, Wu Xiubo’s crisis is not really small. Will the former killer teacher give up the entertainment industry?

This article about why Wu Xiubo was deleted by Snow Leopard has been revealed. The related information that made netizens happy is finished here, and I hope it will help everyone.


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