Abu Dhabi Economy: Companies that promote phone calls that harass people will be shut down: Dubai – abu dhabi revealed start-up imposing penalties on violating commercial establishments telemarketing in the emirate

DUBAI: The Abu Dhabi Department of Development has warned that companies that promote promotions over the telephone will be shut down. The move comes as more and more companies’ promotions are being reported for harassing people on the phone.

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Institutions that promote promotions in a way that makes people uncomfortable will be fined in the first instance. The fines range from 3,000 to 10,000 dirhams. If the fine is paid the first time and the offense is repeated later, the institution will be closed.

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It is also against the law for companies licensed by the Emirate to promote their business by telephone. The advent of such phones is a violation of the privacy of individuals. Authorities have warned companies to protect their privacy.

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