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Abu Kaqa died; Manjhat Venjaramoot sound and light

Saturday, January 28, 2023 12:03 AM IST

Venjaramoot: As a non-existent presence in the cultural circle of Venjaramoot, Abu Hasa, fondly called Runna Abu Kaka by his relatives, passed away. Venjaramootti died last night after a sudden illness, and even after reaching the Swakarya Hospital, death was happening. The funeral will be held at 10 o’clock in the morning at Manikal Muslim Juma Masjid.
Through the company Bima Sounds, Venjaramoot has been playing music for more than half a century. Cultural and political festivals in different areas Abu Hasan, who gave voice and light, became a great organizer.
To establish a personal relationship with various personalities in the field of art, culture and politics, Abu Hasan passed through his Bima Sounds.

The late famous Kathikan V. Sambashivan to narrate the story in Venjaramoot and surrounding areas. Abu Hasan should be there with the trumpet and the mic. He was a relative.
Suraj Venjaramoot and Nobby the stars of the film Tadkamulla Otta started. Abu Hassana handed over the mic to the artists and led them on stage.
Cultural events including the national festival Venjaramoot Mr Manikot also attended political meetings attended by ministers.Mahadeva Temple, Pirappankot Sree Krishnaswamy Temple started celebrations Abu Hasan was also a leading member.

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