Academics point out ‘Korat-Khon Kaen’ is not ready to elect a governor. Reasons for not collecting enough income to support themselves

Academics point out ‘Korat-Khon Kaen’ is not ready to elect a governor. Reasons for not collecting enough income to support themselves

After completing the elections for the governor of Bangkok and the Sor Kor. On May 22, It was found that many of the city’s citizens who had the right to vote were enthusiastic. And the election atmosphere was bustling and smooth. However, it is another phenomenon that connects the local region. including the provinces, criticized the “more decentralization of administrative power and budget to provinces and localities”, especially with large cities such as Korat and Khon Kaen

on May 28 Asst. Prof. Dr. Adisorn Nawanon Rector of Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University said that from the case of the Center for Research and Economics of Isan (ECBER), Faculty of Economics Khon Kaen University conducted a survey on “Isan people and the election of the governor”, which the survey found that almost half of Isan people would like to see more decentralization of administrative power and budget for provinces and localities. Most saw that the provinces in the Northeast were ready to elect a governor, just like Bangkok, within 1-5 years.

Viewed as just a sentimental opinion poll. without looking deeply into the readiness in many aspects Moreover, nowadays people are tired of the long government. rarely rely on anything from central administration therefore wanting to change the new local governance

but to be able to change to a special local administrative region Must be ready in many aspects such as gross productivity, revenue collection must be large enough to take care of itself. or rely on budget from the central as little as possible It’s not that it’s set up as a special local administrative district. Still have to open a hand to ask for a very central budget. If so, it’s already ruined since I thought

True, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, although there are many specialties. whether it is the province which has the most area of ​​the country It is the second most populous in the country after Bangkok. and to establish a regional transport infrastructure But if you look at gross productivity and revenue collection It was not enough to be able to support yourself. without relying on central support budget Most of the economic zones are concentrated in only a few areas such as Pak Chong and Muang districts. The rest are areas with income from the agricultural sector. which will be according to the season only while a small province Which is ready to collect income can support themselves more There are many provinces such as Phuket, Samut Prakan, Pathum Thani and Rayong, etc. These provinces have better taxes. to be a special local administrative region

Therefore, it is seen that Nakhon Ratchasima Province or even Khon Kaen Province is not ready to be a special local government at this time. But in the future it might be possible. which if you want to make it possible It should be a roadmap to develop various structures. from the beginning to step towards that goal which takes ten years Because right now we still don’t know what our province stands out. It’s not an industrial province. Travel is not really Agriculture is not clear Therefore, we must focus on which provinces are the main source of income, and then gradually develop various utilities. to be consistent with that goal

and when the goal is reached It also has to be legislated. All restructuring of the government, whether it is the governor, the Provincial Administrative Organization, the municipality and the Subdistrict Administrative Organization, have to dismantle the entire system. which is not a small matter at all, so if Nakhon Ratchasima There is already a clear preparation like this. It is highly possible to elect future governors

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