ACC ACCESS Power Ratings: Week 5

ACC ACCESS Power Ratings: Week 5

Festive Week takes place with the various teams throughout the series traveling around the country to various Thanksgiving Competitions. Many, last week is the beginning of the college's basketball season as crews formed a form, other competitors to play, and college football is coming to the right on the right as the page turns to Christmas.

This week the annual challenge AC-Big 10, and Virginia Tech go on the sidelines, and the action continues this weekend with another round of conference games. Get accustomed to these games in December, since the 20-game ACC schedule is genuine and there is a good chance that the conference would not be opened with slate as it did last year.

So, we see where things stand as we enter this important week:

1) # Louisville Cardinals 7-0 (1-0)

Select the red bird to play a game in Nashville last week instead of going to a full contest, and they had a relatively easy win over Kentucky West. The action will go up to them because the main challenge in the Challenge is all of them, facing # 4 Michigan tomorrow night. Then they will play Pitt in ACC action this weekend, so if they are still not be hit, the best venue will be well deserved.

2) # 5 Cavaliers Virginia 7-0 (1-0)

The Cavaliers followed the Tipoff Hall of Fame victory with a 46-26 victory over Maine in Charlottesville. We are always speaking basketball. Found, the basketball opponent did score less than Virginia football opponent last week. To date, only Vermont has been able to get out of the 40s against the Cavan, so you have to be excited for the game in Purdue tomorrow. His opponent for Sunday? We will get that.

3) # 7 North Heels Carolina 6-1 (1-0)

The loss against Michigan is looking better at the success of the Heels Tar coming back in that game, and then Michigan went on beat Gonzaga to climb to number four in the rankings. The Tar Heels managed to play the best half of the season against Oregon and they continued to win, and the recovery was very great as Carolina is staring at the Ohio State tomorrow and Cavaliers. T Sunday. With Carolina's offensive woes, it is certain that Sunday's fighting is destiny.

4) # 17 State States Seminars 6-1 (0-1) t

The early loss of seasons for Pitt appears behind Leonard Hamilton's team, who continues to play on Twitter by the way. The Seminoles won the Emerald Coast Classic, taking from Tennessee and Purdue alike. In the season it seems very heavy and reluctant everywhere else, watch out for this Florida State team. They will be facing Indiana tonight and then hosting Clemson this weekend.

5) Notre Dame Irish to Fight 6-1 (0-1)

Winning win against Fairliegh Dickenson for the Irish, but his schedule comes up as they come against a strong tomorrow night Maryland squad in College Park. They then work to return to .500 in the three RC conference hosted in South Bend.

6) Pittsburgh Panthers 6-2 (1-0)

The Fighting maybe Jeff Capels will be able to stay away from the basement this year. Subsequently there were a couple of scratch losses one of them, sure, but they continued down to Fort Myers this weekend and they won Fort Myers Tip Off through Kansas State and Northwestern struck. The Panthers are likely to draw the easiest draw on the Decade in Rutgers, and then the rubber hits the road with a game in Louisville against the top-ranked Cartinals on Friday.

7) Virginia Tech Hokies 6-2 (1-0)

They get big points to hit Michigan States and continue their surprise season under the new head of Mike Young. Unfortunately, these people stole much of that surprise by losing their next game on Dayton and then losing the BYU to make a little bit of mitigation for Maui. This week they set off on the East Coast before they organize the Duke team on Friday.

8) Damhna Deamhan Wake Forest 5-3 (0-1)

Due to all the jokes made at the expense of Danny Manning, Decs Dex had a wonderful trip to Anaheim at Wood Heritage. They looked after Charleston and Long Beach State and gave Arizona a tough game. They will fly abroad to attend Penn State tomorrow, and then go home to host the NC State on Saturday.

9) State Package 5-2 (0-1) t

There is only one game for the Wolfpack this week, a loss, but it was a tight competition against Memphis in Brooklyn. They host Wisconsin tomorrow and then try to return to .500 in the FPS with a trip to Winston-Salem.

10) Clemson Tigers 5-3 (0-1)

There was a harsh week at the Tigers, and they lost out in Colorado in Vegas and then gave the first loss to the ACP in the ACC-Big 10 Challenge with an excavation in Minnesota. They continue to travel, but at least they have to catch their breath since their game is not against FSU until Sunday.

11) Yellow Tech Tech Jackets 3-2 (1-0) t

The Yellow Jackets have a light schedule so far, staying quiet until Sunday with their thin win over Bethune-Cookman. Without any postseason tours on the radar for Georgia Tech, they will continue to expect a spoiler to play, initially against Nebraska tomorrow night and then against Syracuse Saturday.

12) Hurricane Miami 5-3 (0-1)

The hurricanes did not play any games in the past week until they left for Illinois last night, and were able to win after they were contaminated under 25+ lead. They get the weekend out of the WRA to win, and their light schedule is a challenge for the next few weeks. so we see whether this victory gives them momentum.

13) Syracuse Orange 4-3 (0-1)

This is a case where the record of the Orange looks worse than likely, with a narrow loss of Virginia and then a rough weekend in New York in the NIT (not that one). They have a chance to rebound through Iowa hosting in the Dome and then go down to Atlanta this weekend.

14) Boston College 4-4 (1-0)

When you lost three in a row, Richmond was your last loss, and you will also lose Belmont on your resume, you are stuck here even with ACC's win. The Eagles are attempting to correct the ship through a Northwestern team who are struggling to host and then go to South Bend this weekend.

15) # 10 Duke 7-1 (0-0)

Is this too much? Sure, but how is a home loss by Stephen F. Austin on this list again? If these ratings are a week-to-week reaction, which was a week worse than the team with the number one number and arguing for the greatest disturbance in the college's basketball history? Not only have they lost their winning strike at home that they have not worked so hard in recent years, that they have lost it in this way:

They will be back next to the top, but for this week, this is where they belong.

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