“Accidentally when I was 4 years old”…The story of the gold I asked for as compensation for ‘all my fortune’ that I had hard-earned (Video) | dispatch

It is regrettable that the story of the parents who had to ask for all their hard-earned fortune due to Geum’s mistake was revealed.

On the afternoon of the 14th, on Channel A’s comprehensive programming channel Channel A, ‘My cub, who is like a golden child these days,’ (hereafter, ‘My golden cub’), the story of a 14-year-old gold lover, who has been in an accident for 10 years, such as swearing and kicking at his mother, was drawn. .

On this day, Geum-gyeong revealed that he had a fight while talking to his younger brother in the neighborhood, and even mentioned cigarettes, which surprised everyone. In the studio, the mother explained, “There have been protests from daycare. Even now, the homeroom teacher was having a hard time, and there were fights between the children.”

Oh Eun-young said, “I’m so worried. When I play with my friends, I try to play with money. And I say to the child with a bluff like Iljin. I try to establish a relationship by showing off my power. I’m going to do it,” he said.

On that day, Geum’s mother called her husband, who is a soldier, to discuss her problem, but in the end, the call ended due to an argument and attracted attention.

When Jeong Hyeong-don, who watched this, asked, “Is there a quarrel between the couple over children?”, the mother of Geum said, “When Geum was 4 years old, she had to pay all of her property. When I opened the magic lid, I stabbed my older sister in the eye. So, I had to pay 70 million won for my child’s treatment. It was all the money my husband had saved, but I had no choice but to pay off the house’s rent. I think the couple fights were more frequent because of the stress.”



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