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Kwak Jin-young’s stalker ‘incarcerated’
One-person protests with false facts even during access ban
Jinyoung Kwak, from suffering to extreme choices

Jinyoung Kwak, who appeared in ‘Burning Youth’ / Photo = SBS Capture

A man in his 50s has been arrested for stalking actor and businessman Kwak Jin-young for four years.

According to TV Daily on the 3rd, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office arrested and indicted Mr. A, who had been harassing Jinyoung Kwak and his family for four years, on charges of trespassing, defamation, obstruction of business, and violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.

Person A visited the business site operated by Jinyoung Kwak, disrupted his business, and transferred 1,140 won each. It is known that he sent a threatening message through a text that can be written during the transfer.

Kwak Jin-young applied for an injunction against Mr. A to the police and requested personal protection, but Mr. A showed a one-man protest with false facts during the ban.

According to a close aide to Kwak Jin-young, Kwak Jin-young complained of psychological pain after being bullied by Mr.

The Yeosu Police Station in Jeollanam-do, which investigated this case, forwarded four related cases with the opinion of indictment without detention, and the court issued an arrest warrant on the 23rd of this month. Since the incident occurred before the enforcement of the Stalking Punishment Act, the charge of violating the Stalking Punishment Act was not applied.

Jinyoung Kwak made his debut in the entertainment industry in 1991 with the 20th talent in MBC recruitment. Since then, he has appeared in hit films such as ‘Eyes of Dawn’, ‘Son and Daughter’, and ‘Love in Your Embrace’.

In particular, while appearing in ‘Son and Daughter’, she won the MBC Drama Awards Best New Actress Award that year, and has been running a kimchi business since 2010 after the character’s name in the play, ‘Apocalypse’.

However, he had to stop his activities due to side effects after plastic surgery. Not only that, he had to suffer from the rumors that followed. She also moved to her hometown of Yeosu, Jeollanam-do with her mother and distanced herself from the entertainment industry.

Kwak Jin-young, who appeared on SBS ‘Burning Youth’ and revealed his recent status, complained of suffering, saying, “If you search for Kwak Jin-young, fresh kimchi, plastic surgery, plastic surgery addiction, etc. will appear.” “This comment follows 20 years.”

On December 30, last year, he was found in Yeosu after making an extreme choice and was treated at the hospital.

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