Accused of killing 7 children by poisoning the hospital nurse

London: A British hospital nurse has been charged with poisoning 7 newborns and injuring 10 others.

Accused Lucy Letby is accused of killing seven newborn babies and attempting to injure 10 others at the Counties of Chester Hospital in 2015 and 2016.

of a foreign news agency According to the report The case was heard in a British court yesterday, and the allegations made by Latby have been denied.

In her defense, the accused said that dirty water was coming out of the sewage line in the hospital and spreading on the floor.

The accused also strongly denied that I injected air into the children’s blood and gave them insulin.

A pediatric consultant had previously testified that he had stopped Letby from killing a 98-minute-old newborn who was born prematurely.

The consultant allegedly saw Letby standing over the incubator as the baby’s oxygen levels dropped. The consultant reportedly noticed that the child’s breathing tube had expired.

He said that the accused Latbi allegedly did not help the child or take any steps. The consultant said that he was already worried about Latbi being alone with a friend in the hospital. The trial is ongoing.



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