Accused of rape, Daniel Alves distributes autographs in prison

After serving a sentence of 14 years, a man left Brians 2 prison, on Wednesday (25), showing a Barcelona shirt autographed by Daniel Alves. “Abraço com amor”, wrote the Brazilian in the dedication, adding a smiley emoji. The right-back is in pre-trial detention after being accused of sexual assault. He denies the accusations.

The popularity of the new prisoner left no one indifferent in the Catalan prison, according to the now ex-detainee. Upon release, the man said no one calls Daniel Alves a “rapist” and was skeptical of the accusation of sexual assault against a woman on Dec. 30 in a bathroom at Barcelona’s Sutton nightclub that led to the player being preventive detention.

“That guy has many millions, he can go out with whoever he wants. Although he can also lose his mind,” said the former prisoner to the Spanish newspaper Telecinco.

Daniel Alves signed autographs at Brians 2 Prison in Barcelona
(Photo: reproduction)

Daniel Alves completes on Friday (27) one week in prison. The 39-year-old’s new defense, headed by lawyer Cristóbal Martell, has until Tuesday, the 31st, to file an appeal with the 15th Bar of Barcelona and ask for the provisional release of the client.

The deadline was extended to give the new team of lawyers time to review the case they took on Wednesday (25) in court. The appeal is one more step in a complex process in which the new defense of the Brazilian will try to redesign the strategy

understand the case
Judge Maria Concepción Canton Martín ordered the arrest of Daniel Alves last Friday (20). He was arrested while giving testimony in the case of sexual assault against a woman on 30 December.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Spain asked for the 39-year-old athlete’s preventive detention, without the right to bail, and the holder of the Investigative Court 15 of Barcelona accepted the request, ordering the detention.

The judge argued in the decision to arrest the player that there was a risk of flight, since the athlete no longer lives in Spain and has the financial resources to leave the country at any time. Furthermore, Spain does not have an extradition agreement with Brazil.

The accusation refers to an episode that allegedly took place at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. The athlete, who defended the Brazilian team at the World Cup in Qatar, would have locked, assaulted and raped his wife in a bathroom in the VIP room of the house, according to the newspaper. The newspaper.

According to the Spanish press, the contradiction in the right-back’s testimony was decisive for the country’s Public Ministry to ask for arrest and the judge to accept. In early January, the player gave an interview to the program “Y Ahora Sonsoles”, on Antena 3, in which he confirmed that he was in the same nightclub as the woman who accuses him, but denied having touched the complainant without her consent and said that didn’t even know her.

In the statement, however, according to the media in Spain, the athlete claimed to have had consensual relations with the woman, whose name was not revealed. According to Cadena SER radio, images from the internal surveillance of the place confirm that Daniel Alves spent 15 minutes with the woman in the bathroom of the nightclub.

According to the newspaper The country, the woman does not want to be compensated and gave up being compensated financially for the injuries and also for moral damages because she understands that the main objective is to make the athlete punished for what happened. Pumas, from Mexico, announced last Friday that Daniel Alves’ employment contract with the club was terminated for just cause.

A tattoo was decisive for the request for preventive detention. According to the newspaper The worldthe victim described that the player had a half-moon tattoo between his abdomen and private parts, which could only be seen if he was without clothes.

The first testimony collected from the victim was accidentally recorded and ended up helping to support the complaint, since the 23-year-old woman’s speeches were repeated in the other moments when she was heard by the Catalan Justice.

According to the newspaper The newspapera member of the Catalan police team who welcomed the victim after the alleged sexual assault at the Sutton nightclub, in Barcelona, ​​had the uniform’s camera on and accidentally recorded the woman’s lines.

In Catalonia, as well as in São Paulo, with Operation Olho Vivo, police officers carry cameras in their vests that record their actions. Comparing the accidental recording with the victim’s first official statement gave the necessary robustness for the progress of the investigation, the process and consequent arrest of Daniel Alves.

In the recording, the victim appears crying desperately and repeating that Daniel Alves physically and sexually assaulted her. The woman also said she was ashamed of the situation and felt guilty for having gone to the bathroom with the player.

In her following testimonies, the woman sexually assaulted by Daniel Alves showed recurrent concern with the possible disclosure of her identity. Spanish law prohibits any placement of images and personal data of the complainant.

In favor of the victim there are also hearings from witnesses who reaffirmed in a convincing way the sexual assault suffered by the woman. Security camera recordings and materials collected at the crime scene help in the investigation in a forceful way

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