Aceh court sentenced women to adultery 100 times, men denied all allegations, only 15 hits.

An Indonesian woman in Aceh province faces 100 lashes for adultery, while the man Denied all allegations, received only 15 lashes.

Ivan Najjar Alavi, head of the General Investigation Department of the Eastern Aceh Prosecutor’s Office, said the court had given a severe sentence against the married woman. After she confessed to having sex with another man.

The judge found it difficult to convict the men. who is the head of the Fisheries Office of East Aceh and married and had children as well because he denied all the allegations.

“During the trial He did not accept anything. and denies all allegations So the judge can’t prove he’s wrong,” Alavi said, after the two men were punished by beatings under Islamic law (Shariah) on Jan. 13.

However, although the offense of adultery cannot But the judges saw that the man was still guilty. She “showed affection to a woman who wasn’t her wife” after witnesses witnessed the two together in a palm plantation in 2018.

Initially, the court sentenced the man with 30 lashes, but he appealed. until the Aceh Supreme Court reduced the sentence to 15 times.

An AFP field reporter said officials had to temporarily suspend the punishment. Because the woman could not stand the pain of being beaten up to 100 times at the same time.

by the same day Another man was beaten 100 times by an Aceh court for having sex with a minor. and is also serving an additional 75 months in prison.

Aceh is the only province in Indonesia where Sharia law is enforced. which stipulates the flogging penalty for those who commit gambling, adultery, drinking alcohol and having homosexual sex

The strict implementation of Islamic law was part of a 2005 peace deal between Aceh separatists and the central government of Indonesia that helped halt a decades-long insurgency.

Human rights organizations have criticized such bullying as a barbaric punishment. And even President Joko Widodo has called for the customs to be scrapped. However, the majority of the Muslim population in Aceh still agrees with the sanctions.




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