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Acer’s computer was hacked and ransomed 1.4 billion. The company urgently notified the information protection agency to deal with it | Apple News | Apple Daily

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Acer’s computer was hacked and ransomed US$50 million (approximately NT$1.425 billion) for a ransom. As Acer has not yet paid, the hacker has announced some financial information. This news has also been exposed on the website of China Foreign Investment Security. Acer responded in a low-key manner. Recently, there have been abnormal incidents that have been dealt with by law enforcement and information protection agencies in many countries.

Some readers broke the news to “Apple News” that Acer was hacked and required Acer to pay 50 million US dollars to redeem it, otherwise it would publish internal operating information. This amount is the largest amount of extortion by the REvil virus group. It is understood that the content of the letter mentioned that payment before last Wednesday (March 10) can enjoy a 20% discount. Unexpectedly, Acer did not make the payment. The virus posted financial forms, bank balances and other confidential information on the website.

The foreign news website BLEEPINGCOMPUTER reported that REvil and Acer began negotiations on the 14th of this month. Acer was surprised at the request to pay $50 million, and REvil warned Acer not to follow in the footsteps of solarwinds. Solarwinds is a US software developer. The company’s product Orion was attacked by hackers last year. This wave of attacks affected 33,000 solarwinds customers in public and private sectors.

Vitali Kremez, the chief executive of ADVINTEL, an information security company, told BLEEPINGCOMPUTER that ADVINTEL’s Andariel network intelligence platform detected that REvil had recently attacked Acer through the Microsoft Exchange server in the Acer domain. Microsoft revealed four vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange at the beginning of this month. After hackers invaded the unpatched Microsoft Exchange server, they have begun to install DearCry malware on the victim’s system.

Acer stated that the company constantly checks the status of its information system and most of the cyber attacks have been adequately defended. Companies are subject to various attacks on a daily basis, and recent abnormal incidents have been reported to law enforcement and information protection agencies in many countries. In the future, we will continue to strengthen the information security framework to maintain operational continuity and data integrity. It also reminds companies and agencies to follow information security principles and be more alert to abnormal network conditions.

In fact, in recent years, with the prevalence of Internet technology, more and more listed companies have been hacked and extorted by hackers. In addition to major technology companies, industries including construction, biotechnology, transmission, and auto parts have also become hackers. The customer starts the object.

In fact, last year, the laptop manufacturer “Compal Computer” (2324) and the industrial computer manufacturer “Advantech” (2395) broke out that they were hacked. The two major players paid a ransom of 1 billion yuan, which was quite tragic. The technology giant Hon Hai (2317) was also invaded by “DoppelPaymer” last year and extorted 1804.0955 bitcoins, equivalent to 34.686 million U.S. dollars (about 1 billion Taiwan dollars). The Hon Hai Group confirmed the poisoning, but emphasized that it did not pay a dime.

Wu Jinrong, general manager of Microtrend Technology, said that in fact, no matter how powerful the company is, it is impossible to defend against hackers. No matter how strong the road is, no firewall can resist it. No matter how strong the technology is, the company will be attacked and hacked. The customer skills are getting stronger and stronger. The company can only improve its own technology and report to the international security police when attacked, and there is still a chance to successfully get the ransom.

According to Wu Jinrong’s analysis, hacker attacks generally involve intruding into company systems and extorting a high ransom. Judging from Acer’s 50 million USD extortion, the hackers should have attacked enough to grasp the operational pain points, but the company’s security-level firewalls are equipped The waits are not the same, so the extent of the detailed hacking is still unclear.

Looking back at the hacking methods, there is another kind of hacking. In 2019, a hacker in Eastern Europe faked Quanta’s identity and sent a letter to Quanta’s customers Google and Facebook. The payment was changed from the original Quanta account to this fake Quanta. According to the account, this Eastern European hacker collected 3.8 billion yuan in this way, and the whole plot is like the movie “Clash of Gods and Ghosts.” (Lin Tongjie, Lin Wenbin/Report from Taipei)

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