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Achieving the Most Ideal “Portable Xbox” with a Combination of iPhone and Gamepad Backbone One | TechCrunch Japan

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The iPhone game pad “Backbone One” introduced in this article at the end of 2020 has achieved the ultimate alliance as a game accessory. It will be bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for iOS on June 28, with the launch of Xbox Cloud Gaming. That’s right.

As part of this partnership, Backbone One is a new retail package stamped with “Designed for Xbox” and will be sold bundled with the Xbox Game Pass. The Backbone One and iPhone combination is the closest we’ve ever seen to a “portable Xbox.”

In a previous article, I showed you that Backbone One takes advantage of the accessory API built into iOS to provide a very sophisticated feature in the dashboard of a dedicated app. The dashboard has now been updated to make it even easier to use features such as viewing your own games, introducing new games, and sharing killer play with friends with the clipping feature. It’s one of the best gaming apps I’ve seen on iOS in the last few years, and has great potential to create the world’s largest playground for the world’s largest number of game users.

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The capture button on Backbone One works with Xbox Cloud Gaming and can be shared as a link. You can even view the new Xbox Game Pass feed and navigate between Xbox and iOS games using the same interface. In addition, the Xbox Remote Play function, which is actually a very good function, although it is not fully utilized in the current model, is also widely covered.

AppClip is used for the package, and when you look at the package at the store, Backbone One running Xbox Cloud Gaming is displayed in AR.

The Backbone team continues to impress with its clever, sophisticated integration and solid intuition. It’s clear that the team has a pedigree of game controllers (some of the team members who developed the original Xbox 360 controller are involved in Backbone), but the most striking is the software side. Backbone is different from AAA-class iOS games such as “Warzone” and “Minecraft”, remote play of Xbox and PlayStation, and native xCloud games supported this time. The way to unify the gaming experience is that no one, including Apple, has been able to do it well, which gives us a sense of the future of mobile games.

Image credit: Backbone

Despite being web-based, Xbox Cloud Gaming is treated and displayed as a native app within Backbone’s very well-crafted dashboard. I personally played “Destiny 2” on Backbone for a long time through Stadia and it was amazing. Like the current Xbox Cloud Gaming title, we can’t wait to see this dashboard integrate directly for clipping and social sharing.

With Backbone installed, the experience of discovering, downloading, and playing games is better than Apple Arcade, partly because the team is curating. It also incorporates a very sophisticated linking mechanism, so you can download your app from the App Store as soon as you see your app’s clips shared in your feed. Internet-native players will want to find a new game in this way and play it right away. In a world where games and streams are continuously hyperlinked, you can watch, follow, and play games without the hassle of manually searching each one.

And it also not only discovers and “downloads” the game in the future, but also when you see a video of the gameplay shared by a friend, just tap it and the first level or match before you buy the game It makes you feel the arrival of a world where you can experience and play and be absorbed in it. It should be a great gateway to attract new players.

With this partnership with Microsoft, anyone who buys Backbone One from the official website or the Microsoft store for $ 99 will be able to use the Game Pass Ultimate for three months. Considering that the Game Pass Ultimate will cost $ 45 for just three months, this is a great deal for new customers. And the partnership must be a big boost for Backbone, a young startup.

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