Acknowledging that he had a real relationship with Dai Zuyi, Ding Zilang called Wu Ruoxi “grandmother” (19:19) – 20220125 – SHOWBIZ

Yu Decheng, Ding Zilang, Dai Zuyi and Wu Leyi attended the “Shameless Youth” campaign today (25th). Ding Zilang and Dai Zuyi laughed and said that they were facing pressure after the kiss scene was broadcast. Ding Zilang said, “I received a private message from a netizen and asked me to return him to Dai Zuyi.” Dai Zuyi continued: “The netizen asked me to let go of a boy.”

Ding Zilang thanked Dai Zuyi for his trust, and was asked if he expressed his true feelings? He said with a smile, “I really did it when I was filming, it was so sweet.” Dai Zuyi praised Ding Zilang for his high quality and has been appointed by Wu Ruoxi as his son-in-law. She cooks soup and cooks food for me. Her 4-year-old daughter Giselle usually goes to bed early. She knows when I go to visit. She will wait until I meet before going to bed.

Referring to Dai Zuyi being criticized by netizens that her face is bigger than the cake, she said that she was used to it and did not get angry: “I have only talked about my face for 3 years in the industry, nothing else. I am already very happy. I recently lost weight for the new drama.”

Yu Decheng pointed out that the pair played by Liu Yingxuan belonged to two little ones without guessing, which brought out a romantic feeling, which was different from the love between Ding Zilang and Dai Zuyi.

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