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[ACL 인터뷰] ‘Dropped out’ Morais, “If it had been the best, the results would have been different”

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[인터풋볼] Reporter Jung Ji-hoon= ‘KLeague championJeonbuk suffered a complete defeat against Yokohama and Japan and was humiliated in the group stage.. But manager Jose Morais said the results would have been different if it had been the best..

Jeonbuk Hyundai 1Day afternoon 7Held at Al Janube Stadium in Al Wakhara, Qatar 2020Season Asian Football Federation(AFC) Champions League Farticle(ACL) Group stage 5Yokohama from the front F.To Marinos 1-4Kneel down. Jeonbuk won the victory due to the defeat that day 4Stayed at the point, I was eliminated from the group stage..

After the game, coach Morais Did everything we could. In the first half, he was tactically aimed at counterattacking.. I think the players followed it well. It is regrettable for not taking advantage of the opportunity.. In the second half, they played forward in order to achieve the result, but the opponent was well aimed at this part.He said.

Miraculous 16Jeonbuk aiming to advance to the river 4-1-4-1 I started the formation. Jeonbuk is Gustavo and Lee Soo-bin, Naseong, Barrow, Kim Bo-kyung, Hyungmin Shin, Jalong Koo, Minhyuk Kim, Jeongho Hong, Choi Chul-soon, Song Beom-geun as the starting point. Cho Gyu-seong on the bench, Hankyowon, I prepared for the second half with Murillo back.

However, Jeonbuk gave the opening goal in an early time.. Overall 17Bunmatan, assisted by Boon Hatanaka, scored the opening goal and allowed the lead.. After that, Jeonbuk was the first half 35Boon Barrow’s shooting counterattacked, but couldn’t make a pursuit goal..

Jeonbuk, who scored the opening goal, reinforced the attack by putting Cho Gyu-seong into the beginning of the second half. But Jeonbuk scored one more goal.. Second half 6Marcos, who received a pass from Boon Nakagawa, scored an extra goal.. Jeonbuk quickly caught up with one goal.. Second half 9Bun Barrow’s cross hit the opponent’s hand and a penalty was declared., Gustavo finished as a kicker..

Jeonbuk in pursuit is the second half 17Boon Han teacher and Murillo were also put in a total offensive.. However, Yokohama was responsible for the extra goals.. Second half 26Bun Erik’s sensational overhead kick pass, Nakagawa scored an additional goal with a non-stop shooting. Yokohama has a spare card, 4I led the game stably by using the market.

Jeonbuk couldn’t save the chance. Second half 34Boon Murillo’s shot was defensive and deflected., Jo Gyu-sung caught it and tried to shoot, but it missed vain. Afterwards, Jeonbuk was the second half 36Min Sung-yoon Lee. Jeonbuk scored one more goal.. Second half 37The cross from the side of the minute was connected by Onaiu with a non-stop shooting, This was connected to the goal by hitting the goalpost and Song Bum-geun.. In the end, Jeonbuk suffered a regrettable defeat..

In response, Director Morais If it were the best strategy, this would not have been possible.. All the players did their best. The environment the team is currently in is not very good.. KLeague and FAMany of the players who won the cup have been missed.. Nevertheless, I want to applaud the players who did their best.. One game remains. I want to do my best to the end and give opportunities to young players. As a manager, I hope that this situation will never come again, in which many players are left out of the tournament.Expressed regret.

Next, coach Morais said about giving many opportunities to young players It was an environment where young players were forced to play rather than giving them a chance.. Our group wasn’t easy, I think it will be a good experience in the future if you remember today’s experience well.I answered.

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