Acmy-Champ The duo of DoubleDeep released a new single “Yung Wang Dee”.

After the success of the landslide scenes of the previous single “False Chey” leaving soon Acmy-Champ Two artists from DoubleDeep released the latest single “Yang Wang Dee” which also exceeded the million in a few days as well. The ultimate ideal love song under the concept that reflects the bottom of the heart that “Even if we have to part, but the heart will always have good wishes.” Fans accept this song , they have been in love since the first listen. The more they see the MV, the tears flow.

DoubleDeep is led by Akme-Worawat Naknaewadee, the lead singer whose voice is deep but powerful. And a friend of the champion guitarist of Thailand, Champ-Thanat Metanayanon, does not leave long time to create a new song that continues the philosophy of the band DoubleDeep “DoubleDeep” as the origin of the single. The latest release is “Yung Wang Dee”, a ballad a sweet love that is ideal but true to every life that knows true love. Submit content under the concept that reflects the feelings in the depths of the heart that “True love, even if it is separated But the heart still loves And you have good wishes for your loved ones every time.” Many people who have listened to the content of this song agree that they are “loved” because it definitely resonates with many people’s feelings. In this song, Pu-Piyawat Mee Krua came from 25hours to help write the lyrics with Akmy-Worawat.In the music sector, it is still composed by DoubleDeep, as well as being rock.A ballad with a catchy melody in the style of Acmy. and the core of the music, especially the strength and image of the champion’s guitar solo which has preserved the rock music that is the backbone of the band. The song is also supported to enhance its grandeur and strength with lines of orchestral string instruments, adding to “Yung Wang Dee” that there is more to discover and follow than the appreciation of lyrics, melodies and completely normal rock music and ballads.

As for the music video, Jug-Jirat Somphakdi, the subject of the picture, helped direct the show. Tells the story of the feeling of “still hoping for good” through 3 types of love, the love of young people who used to love each other very much but had to separate. The pure love of a dog and its owner. and the love of an elderly couple whose death has separated them from each other. They all convey the same emotion, that is. There is always hope for each other. I can say in one word that this music video will definitely bring tears to my fans.

Meet the latest single “Yang Wang Dee” and MV from Akmy-Worawat Naknaewadee and Champ-Thanat Metanayanon from DoubleDeep under Great Begins Records, now available via Music Streaming. All platforms Follow the movement of the band in



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