Acne, internal and external control should be done at the same time

[메디컬투데이=김준수 기자] Acne usually occurs in areas where there are many sebaceous glands. For example, on the face and chest, the sebum accumulated in the hair follicle changes into different forms such as comedones and pus.

In the case of adult acne, skin regeneration and elasticity is relatively low, so recovery is slow and recurrences are frequent.

If left untreated, the affected area can spread or worsen into purulent acne, so early treatment is necessary. Acne can occur temporarily when sebum secretion increases, and poor face washing and stress can also be a cause.

However, it is important to visit a medical institution for proper diagnosis and treatment as there are cases where internal balance problems accompany rather than skin problems.

▲ Director Moon So-young (Photo=provided by Me & Nature Oriental Medicine Clinic)

In oriental medicine, the root cause is found according to the type of acne, and treatment is tailored to each individual’s constitution through immune acupuncture, new skin scar acupuncture, herbal acupuncture, skin regeneration, and herbal medicine. It also boosts the body’s circulation and immunity and induces skin regeneration by balancing the composition. This is because it is believed that internal and external control should be maintained at the same time as acne caused by an imbalance problem inside the body can become chronic if not restored.

Regarding this, So-Young Moon, director of M&Nature Oriental Medicine Clinic Gangseo, said, “It is desirable to proceed with treatment while paying attention to daily habits, food, stress management, etc. along with individual treatment by consulting medical staff. ”

Correspondent Kim Junsu of Medical Today (

[저작권자ⓒ 메디컬투데이. 무단전재-재배포 금지]


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