Acne treatment that pregnant women shouldn’t take, is it taboo even for ‘this’ person?

Maskne is a compound word of mask and acne, and refers to acne caused by a mask. In fact, it has been revealed that the number of patients visiting hospitals with facial skin problems has increased since the start of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19). There are many different treatment methods for acne, and there are medications used for acne that are not treated well by other treatments. That’s isotretinoin. I looked into the drug ‘Isotretinoin’, which has side effects as obvious as its effects.

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Acne is the main cause of excessive sebum secretion. Sebum is secreted from the sebaceous glands, and hormones called androgens act on receptors in the sebaceous glands to promote secretion. Isotretinoin prevents the secretion of sebum, prevents the formation of comedones due to hyperkeratinization of pores, prevents the spread of acne bacteria, and blocks all four acne mechanisms, making it a very effective acne treatment. However, the side effects of isotretinoin are as well known as its effects.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has very long use precautions as a condition and allows the treatment of this ingredient to be prescribed only to severe acne patients. Isotretinoin is an ingredient that requires confirmation of the patient’s pregnancy and guidance on safe use prior to prescription. Guidelines for safe use include ▲confirmation of pregnancy ▲explanation of the risk of fetal malformation ▲contraceptive period/explanation of the method ▲no blood donation/no sharing ▲prescription for up to 30 days/prescription for up to 7 days.

The side effects of isotretinoin known so far are very diverse, such as cheilitis, itching, dermatitis, skin diseases such as skin peeling, dry eye syndrome, nasal dryness, fatigue, and intestinal disorders. Haidak internal medicine consulting physician Lee Jeong-chan (Seoul Joint Internal Medicine Clinic) warned, “This drug has the side effects of raising triglyceride and lowering HDL cholesterol, so you may need to take hyperlipidemia drugs if necessary .”

Taking isotretinoin is contraindicated for all pregnant women, women planning a pregnancy, and women who are breastfeeding because of the high risk of birth defects. Major fetal malformations include ▲ cranial abnormality ▲ brain malformation ▲ cerebellar malformation ▲ hydrocephalus ▲ hydrocephalus anencephaly ▲ microcephaly ▲ cranial nerve abnormality ▲ external ear abnormality ▲ femoral abnormality ▲ thyroid plaque ▲ femoral abnormality ▲ paracular thyroid muscle ▲ microcephaly ▲ nerve abnormality cranial ▲ external ear abnormality ▲ ophthalmic abnormality ▲ paracular thyroid muscle ▲ Therefore, women of childbearing age must report whether they are pregnant or not.

In addition, patients with renal and hepatic dysfunction, patients with excess vitamin A, and patients with excessively high blood lipid levels are also contraindicated. In addition, it is not recommended for children under 12 years of age, and caution is advised for young people between 12 and 17 years of age.

The Food and Drug Safety Administration recommends following six rules to use isotretinoin safely.
1. Consulting a doctor is essential
2. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant
3. Observe the contraceptive period before and after taking
4. Choose an effective birth control method when taking it
5. No blood donation
6. No sharing

Contraception must be used from at least one month before taking isotretinoin until at least one month after the last dose, and it is recommended to use two or more methods of contraception together if possible. The same goes for donating blood. Do not donate blood from the start of treatment until at least one month after the last dose. In addition, it is advised not to distribute isotretinoin left over after taking it to others or sell it on the Internet. Few people actually do not want to get this medicine online because it is excellent for treating acne.

Support = Haidaq Counseling Doctor Lee Jeong-chan (Seoul Joint Internal Medicine Clinic Specialist)

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