Acrylic wall clock from Asamizu Company to commemorate the end of regular operation of “EF66 27” | Railway News | Railway Channel


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“EF66 27” is the last 0 series of DC electric locomotive EF66 type developed during the JNR era. He is active on the Tokaido Line and is also nicknamed “Nina” by fans. Regular operation was terminated in March 2022.

Asamizu Company will pre-order and sell this “EF66 27” acrylic wall clock in a limited quantity of 500 pieces. The price is 4950 yen (tax included), and it will be accepted from the 22nd at Asamizu Company Rakuten store.

The acrylic wall clock was also designed with the year 1973-2022, which is the running period. The size is about 26 cm in length x about 26 cm in width x about 2 mm in thickness.

“EF66 27” press release 0 series DC electric locomotive attracted attention as the last survivor

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