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Action Square, New Game Kingdom: Blood of the Royal Family Revealed: Articles

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Action Square (CEO Yeonjun Kim) announced the name of the game using Kingdom IP, the protagonist of the K-Zombie Syndrome, which has thrilled viewers around the world, and released a teaser video and concept illustration.

Kingdom: Blood of the Royal Family (English name: KINGDOM: The Blood), which was released this time, is a game name that is reminiscent of royal lineage, which is the main background of the zombie outbreak and the core theme that drives the storyline of the series. arouse interest

Kingdom: Blood of the Royal Family is developed as a PC mobile cross-platform and plans to implement the original worldview in high-quality 3D graphics using Unreal Engine. It is planned to include In addition, it will be developed as an action RPG based on manual control where users can feel the fun of playing the stage every time.

Previously, Action Square signed a game development contract with A-Story (CEO Lee Sang-baek) using Kingdom IP, which was released as a Netflix series, and acquired the right to develop and service Kingdom IP as an action game, spurring development.

Kingdom, which was first released on Netflix in 2019, is a work that is gaining popularity not only in Korea but also around the world with its unique setting of a mystery thriller set in the Joseon Dynasty, and the suspenseful story and cool development unique to star writer Kim Eun-hee.

Meanwhile, Action Square plans to continue the interest of Kingdom fans around the world by releasing this teaser video and illustration.

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