Action Square, shooting action ‘Anvil’ update… ‘Draken’ that uses a sword instead of a gun is out

Action Square carried out a season 2 update by adding a new character ‘Draken’ to its console PC platform shooting action game ‘ANVIL’. / Photo = provided by YJM Games

Action Square announced on the 22nd that it had implemented a season 2 update, including adding a new character ‘Draken’ to its console PC platform shooting action game ‘ANVIL’.

In this season 2 update, a new breaker, Draken, that uses a new weapon type ‘sword’ has been added. Drake can use a sword, a melee-type shooter weapon, to increase damage taken by 3% for 10 seconds through bleeding with a new status ailment. .

In Season 2, basic relics are basically provided to new users who are new to the game, allowing them to enjoy more exciting gameplay faster. In addition to adding 5 new relics, the ability to adjust relics that appear during gameplay to suit the user’s taste has been added, and a basic set is provided for each breaker to enjoy different fun.

In addition, a code matching function between existing Xbox users and Steam users has been added along with the galaxy configuration change. Through the reorganization of the season challenge mode, the planetary difficulty is provided equally, and in addition to the existing 15 planets, 15 extra challenging planets that can be challenged have been added.

Previously, Anvil was released through Steam (Early Access), Xbox Console (Game Preview), and Xbox Game Pass, and during the Early Access period, Anvil is continuously updating while listening to the opinions of global users.

Reporter Lee Seong-woo

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