Action Square Updates ‘Three Kingdoms Blade’ Mobile Game with New Skills and Costumes

Action Square Releases Update for ‘Three Kingdoms Blade’

By Seok-yong Koh

Money Today | Aug 10, 2023 | 16:18

Action Square, a renowned mobile game developer, has recently unveiled an exciting update for their popular game, ‘Three Kingdoms Blade’. This update introduces the highly anticipated ‘Flower and Butterfly Dance’ skill for the ‘Gangdong Eigyo’ characters, adding a new layer of excitement to gameplay. Notably, players will benefit from temporary invincibility while utilizing this skill, enhancing their strategic advantage on the battlefield.

Additionally, Action Square has unveiled new marine-inspired costumes, namely ‘Boyeonsa’ and ‘Gangdong Paganism’, as part of the game’s Season 5 release. Players can acquire these costumes through the Three Kingdoms Gap, and their availability will be tied to the points accumulated during gameplay. The costumes, designed to captivate players’ imagination, offer a truly immersive experience.

For further information regarding the recent ‘Three Kingdoms Blade’ update, interested individuals can refer to the official cafe dedicated to the game.

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Reporter Seok-yong Koh, Money Today | 2023.08.10 16:18

Action Square announced on the 10th that it has updated the mobile game ‘Three Kingdoms Blade’. Through this update, ‘Gangdong Eigyo’ characters acquire the ‘Flower and Butterfly Dance’ skill. It is characterized by temporary invincibility when using this skill.

In addition, ‘Boyeonsa’ and ‘Gangdong Paganism’ marine looking costumes that can be obtained through Season 5 of Three Kingdoms Gap were also released. In the Three Kingdoms Pass, you can check the costumes along with rewards according to the points obtained through gameplay.

For more information about the ‘Three Kingdoms Blade’ update, you can check it through the official cafe.

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