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Action! There is a play now | Cheng Xiao: ​Take dreams as horses, and “work” day and night! _Gaming

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Original title: Action! There is a play now | Cheng Xiao: ​Take dreams as horses, and “work” day and night!

Cheng Xiao just passed her 23rd birthday last week, which is also her sixth birthday since her debut. Growing up unexpectedly, standing at a new starting point at the age of 23, Cheng Xiao is enthusiastic, active and transparent.

During the interview, Cheng Xiao answered every question carefully and concretely. When encountering a topic that you like, I will talk to you like a girlfriend, without any sense of distance. This is her true character, friendly and sincere.

For the future, Cheng Xiao unabashedly expressed her expectations, and she also used her actual actions to interpret the energy contained in the actress, breaking the predicament, breaking the predicament, and creating infinite possibilities.

Action! There is a play now | Cheng Xiao: Dreaming as a horse, both day and night!


“Sweet and sassy female e-sports player”

Maybe Cheng Xiao never thought about it,“E-sports beautiful girl”‘S nickname has really come true in “You Are Beautiful When You Smile”.

Cheng Xiao played the ZGDX team’s mid-laner nursery rhyme (Smiling) in the urban e-sports drama “You Are Beautiful When You Smile”. She is one of the few female players in the e-sports circle with strong strength and sturdy play style.

Before joining a professional team, nursery rhymes had already gained a reputation.“At the age of nineteen, she became the top national costume leader, and at the age of 21, she was the master of Kyoto in hanbok, standing on the shoulders of ninety-nine percent of the boys, a genius single girl!

The nursery rhyme turned around after winning the game in the e-sports club and told the audience what it means to eat the sweetest candy and play the hardest game.

At first, games were really just a hobby for nursery rhymes. When she received the invitation from the team, she was not determined yet. At that time, she only felt that being a professional player and standing on the stage to win the championship seemed to be a cool thing.

When she approached the e-sports stadium, she sat under the stage and experienced a fierce match. Seeing that the professional players announced their retirement due to injuries, she heard Myojin say“Professional e-sports, there will definitely be a bright future”, Unconsciously moved tears have filled his eyes.

It was also at this moment that the nursery rhyme no longer felt that professional players were simply cool, and the seed of a dream had quietly sprouted in her heart. So, she agreed to the invitation of the ZGDX team without hesitation.

When talking about the charm of e-sports in the interview, Cheng Xiao also specifically mentioned that when a player retires for various reasons, he can feel the real e-sports most.

In this limited e-sports life, Cheng Xiao earnestly figured out the inner world of nursery rhymes and delivered himself wholeheartedly.

For example, being serious and focused when playing a game, and be prepared ↓

Smile calmly while holding the winning ticket↓

Helpless collapse after being “killed” by others with their best Shiki ↓

And, the complex mood when I won the championship for the first time in a formal game, the nursery rhyme of God hadn’t been eased from the game at first, was a bit embarrassed, until I heard the voice of the audience, I realized that I won and I did it.

Not only is there the blood of e-sports, the love between nursery rhymes and Lu Sicheng in the play is also particularly sweet. Just pull out a scene, you can make the screen full of pink bubbles.

For example, Cheng Xiao’s most memorable drama “Flower of Petals” exaggerated the romance to the extreme.

An accident, a coincidence, the petals of the sky slowly fall…

No wonder Cheng Xiao called romance directly,“The feeling of idol drama”


“Keep in love to have more surprises and expectations”

On the way of chasing dreams in nursery rhymes, we are faced with the choice of stability and love. For Cheng Xiao, love is also the number one priority.“You have to choose the one you love at work, because you have more surprises and expectations because you stay in love.”

In Cheng Xiao’s consciousness, the identity of an actor is not only her job, but also her belief and love.

Cheng Xiao, who went abroad to study and practice alone when she was young, exercised her perseverance early on, and this quality was also brought to work by her.

Recalling the scene when she acted for the first time, Cheng Xiao’s memory is still fresh.“At that time, I was shooting in Xinjiang. In the desert, the ground was dry and cracked.”She had said a word about the difficult environment, and she didn’t feel bitter at all.

The background of the era is different, and each character has its own distinct personality characteristics.In each of the shaping and withdrawal of the role, Cheng Xiao forged the characteristics that he should have as an actor.

In the ancient costume martial arts drama “Road to Awakening”, Cheng Xiao plays Qin Sang, the arrogant but talented Qin family lady.

In the mythical martial arts drama “Lingyu”, he plays the innocent, strong and courageous Ling Yu poem.

In the movie “Detective Chinatown 3”, she plays Lu Jingjing, a member of the detective team.

Only by perceiving all kinds of emotions can you fully understand and interpret the true tastes of the world. This is a compulsory course to become an actor. After experience, you can switch freely between roles in different scripts.

Talking about her expectations for the role in the future, Cheng Xiao made no secret of her love for Gao Leng’s role.“Black Widow, how is it!”

The presentation in front of the camera requires profound skills and skills from beginning to end. Cheng Xiao, who has gained in both the variety show and acting fields, through her diligent study and thinking, the performance is becoming more and more mature at the same time. The audience’s favorite.


“The extreme contrast between Gao Leng, quiet and cute and cute”

Withdrawing from the role, the daily life that falls from time to time in Weibo proves that Cheng Xiao’s life is equally rich and fulfilling in reality. Sharing a sunrise, a few funny selfies, or an intimate time with cute pets, Cheng Xiao’s “daily fragments” narrowed the distance between herself and her fans, and also made her gentle enough. Bloom.

During the years growing up with fans, Cheng Xiao has always been moved by their company.“No matter what I am doing, fans are very supportive, which makes me very moved.”

A good-looking skin is only the first step to attract fans. The closer you get to Cheng Xiao, the more you will discover the infinite charm in her body and her interesting soul that is nowhere to be placed.

Created the pinnacle of the laugh point of the interview game with one’s own strength, Xiaoxiaozi, worthy of you!

There is a question “If Cheng Xiao is an adjective, what do you think this word means?” Cheng Xiao blurted out.“Maybe this person is lazy.”After speaking, he couldn’t help but laughed.

The sentence-making link is also a continuous golden sentence,“When God created Cheng Xiao, he must have added more appetite, otherwise how could I eat so much.”

“Don’t think Cheng Xiao looks like a woman, but she’s actually not very feminine.”

I have confirmed that my eyes are a female artist without the burden of idols!

On the road of pursuing dreams, Cheng Xiao has always maintained a clear heart, enjoying the favor and preference brought by time, while living out of himself, he is also more outstanding, tempering the most perfect self, gentle and tough, and move forward leisurely.

– END-

It is precisely because of the unwavering love of life that captures the little fortunes in life and treats life freely, it is because of the unwavering love of life that Cheng Xiao always inadvertently reveals the gentleness and keen sensibility in his gestures.

From idol to actor, Cheng Xiao through his own efforts, steadily and steadily, actively participates in every change, seizes every opportunity to expand the field, unlocks more possibilities for himself, and then blooms with different brilliance.Return to Sohu to see more


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