Activate positive energy through movement in the new ‘adidas x Marimekko’ collection.

unveiled adidas and Marimekkoa conclusion adidas x Marimekko SS23 This is the fifth installment of the collaboration, celebrating the contemporary expression of print technology, lifestyle and clothing through the expertise of each of the two brands. The products in this collection stand out with design features from two of Marimekko’s iconic prints. Used in adidas workout and streetwear. ready to add color and brightness to all activities too


for both print insa conclusion adidas x Marimekko SS23 Inspired by the design and feel of the 60s with shades that convey a contemporary feel to this limited edition collection. It is also a legendary print from Marimekko. Both prints include the Linze print, an original design by Garena Gale from 1966. Lomaki, a textile artist Which is beautiful over time and has been used continuously until now, and the Loki print was designed in 1961 by one of the famous print designers of the Marimekko brand, Maiya.Esola, who was inspired by the sun and the play of shadows and textures of the fabric.

adidas x Marimekko SS23 collection

adidas x Marimekko SS23 collection

in addition a conclusion adidas x Marimekko SS23 It also comes with adidas’ state-of-the-art technology, Aeroready, which has moisture wicking properties. Provides a dry, comfortable feel and Formotion that helps support superior movement. therefore able to provide maximum support for all activities And able to transfer positive energy and self-expression through exercise is also fully within this collection It includes products for women, men and children, which include workout wear for running, tennis, training, cycling, golf, adidas and adidas Originals sportswear.

adidas x Marimekko SS23 collection

a conclusion adidas x Marimekko SS23 available from today For more information, follow the Facebook channel. a (However, product availability may vary from store to store. and each product has a limited quantity)