Actively negotiating to reflect the industry position in the detailed regulations of the US Semiconductor Support Act – the facts are as follows | news

The Department of Commerce, Industry and Energy said, “We are actively consulting with the United States to reflect our industry’s position in the detailed regulations of the guardrail clause of the US Semiconductor Assistance Act.”

[기사 내용]

□ According to the guardrail provisions of the US Semiconductor Act, if Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix receive subsidies from the US government in the process of establishing or expanding semiconductor factories in the US, they will be able to establish, expand or equipment replacement in the United States. China for the next 10 years will be completely restricted from further investment in

[산업부 입장]

□ The “safeguard clause” of the US Semiconductor Assistance Act* is an agreement that limits the expansion of production capacity in countries of concern, such as China, for 10 years in return for receiving incentives from the US federal government for companies receiving incentives under the same law We have a contract with the Ministry of Commerce.

* CHIPS and Science Act, coming into effect in August of `22

ㅇ In the process of concluding the agreement, the company will negotiate with the US Department of Commerce on the content of incentive support and the obligations borne accordingly.

□ Currently, the US Department of Commerce is in the process of preparing detailed regulations necessary to implement the Semiconductor Support Act, including the guardrail clause.

ㅇ The government consults with the US government so that the investment and management conditions of Korean companies can be fully considered when preparing detailed regulations for guardrails.

ㅇ We will continue to consult with the US side and support the industry so that our company’s position can be reflected in future business-to-business discussions with the US Department of Commerce.

Inquiries: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Semiconductors Department (044-203-4271)

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