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Activision Blizzard Japan announced today (September 22nd) that the first major update after the launch of “Diablo Immortal” will be rolled out from September 28th, Japan time. This major update is the biggest yet, introducing a new dungeon and a continuation of the “Monastery of Silence” story quest.

New Dungeon: “Monastery of Silence”

A hideous black mist emanating from Serpteb’s ancient monastery, the Monastery of Silence, stalks the sentry posts from the peaks of Mount Xavain, threatening to engulf the entire Domain in mysterious darkness. In this new dungeon, players of level 60 and above can form a party of 2 to 4 people and experience the history of the Zakaram Crusader Army set in Evgorod. After filling the temple with light, go to the monastery of silence made of black stone. Facing an ancient nightmare is not easy, but if you survive a storm of Shadow Blasts and horrific spike attacks, you will be rewarded for your achievements.

“Monastery of Silence” Cinematic Trailer:

“Silanga Castle”

An ancient fortress on the outskirts of Westmarch can become the new home of a stable team if you manage to extinguish its unimaginable horrors and uncover its mystical secrets. Silanger Castle. This Standing Team Expedition replaces the Standing Team Camp and introduces two replayable game modes and upgradable passive bonuses when securing and defending castles.

Silanger Castle has three main areas that players can interact with. “Abyssal Purge”, “Standing Team Room”, and “Slanger Defense”.

“fixed team”
As a new game feature, fixed teams have found a new home in the ancient fortress Silangar Castle, providing an alternative to fixed team camps.

Details of the update are as follows.

● Removed the requirement to kill monsters with a fixed team in order to set up a camp.
● The number of participants in Fixed Team Helicia Area Raids has been reduced from 8 to 4. Anyone else can join the raid as long as there are at least 4 people from the same fixed team in the raid. Completing the raid in this way will still grant additional stable team rewards to stable team members.
● Fixed team members have an additional 400% drop rate for sealed fixed team chests when completing a fixed team helicopter area raid for the first time. This bonus resets every 7 days.

The quest to put Silangar Castle under a stable team banner can be started by talking to Valstas in Luckis Square in Westmarch while at level 20 or higher and belonging to a stable team.

“Descendants of Arashi” Season 5 Battle Pass will be available from September 29

Diablo Immortal has a new Battle Pass dedicated to Arashi, and Season 5 will begin on September 29 at 3:00 am ET. Descendants of the Storm Battle Pass offers 40 ranks of challenges and rewards such as gems, crests and patterns.

For adventurers looking for more treasure in their Battle Pass ranks, we offer two paid versions of the Battle Pass that can be upgraded during the season: Enhanced Battle Pass and Enhanced Collector’s Edition Battle Pass.

The Enhanced Battle Pass includes all the rank rewards of the regular Battle Pass for free, as well as unlocking better tracks with additional rewards at each rank. In addition, you can get Descendant of the Storm weapon cosmetic, which is unlocked at Rank 1, and Descendant of the Storm Armor cosmetic, which is unlocked at Rank 40.

Collector’s Mighty Battle Token → Enhanced Battle Token Collector’s Edition includes all rank and cosmetic rewards from Mighty Battle → Enhanced Battle Token, plus Avatar Storm Frame descendants, Portal Cosmetics, and 10 ranks up after upgrading Ready to to use.

Battle Pass Season 5 is available for a limited time until 2:59 am (Japan time) on October 27th.

New Heliqual Raid Commander: Izirek the Odd

Izilek the Mortal is the most evil Rathbone demon to date, his unbridled brutality earning him the respect of the little devils who submit to his tyrannical rule. Adventurers with a combat power of 6175 or higher will summon Rayok in front of the Einfrin Tree in Westmarch from 3:00 am on October 2 (Japan time) to face the grotesque Izirek. If you can end the legend of Izirek the Odd, you will receive his legacy, the Crown of Rathbone, as a reward. Equipping this item in the top slot of the Heliquali will increase Combat Strength by 30 and movement speed by 10% while in the Challenge Rift.

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