Actor Aneesh Ravi, ‘This film is highly anticipated’; Anish Ravi | | Aneesh Ravi | unni mukundan – actor aneesh ravi talking about shefeekkinte santhosham movie

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genealogy.sp | Samayam Malayalam | Updated: 24 November 2022, 2:41 pm


It is not easy to survive in the film series industry for 2 decades. Even today, Anish Ravi shines like eternal youth. All these years of experience lead him to more achievements. One of the most important years of Anish Ravi’s career is passing. Anish Ravi’s latest film is Shafiq by Shafiq starring Unni Mukundan. He appears in the film as Zubair. He says that Unni Mukundan called him to this film because of a word he had said earlier. He speaks with gratitude and love about Unni Mukundan who remembered him on the Star Magic show saying that Anish Ravi was the first celebrity he met.

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