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Actor Choi Seong-won, leukemia recurrence after 4 years “I need a platelet transfusion”

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Actor Choi Seong-won. [일간스포츠]

Actor Choi Seong-won (35), who was diagnosed with acute leukemia in 2016 and stopped working, is receiving treatment for a recurrence of leukemia four years after he was diagnosed with a cure.

The agency Byeoloreum Entertainment said on the 21st, “I tried not to report any special reports so that Mr. Choi can concentrate on treatment only, but it is not an urgent situation as it is currently reported. .

The agency explained, “Sungwon Choi is currently recovering after completing the last transplant.” “After the initial outbreak, I started my activities little by little after the finding that it was okay to receive treatment well. I said.

The agency said, “We were able to start treatment quickly thanks to the consideration of people in the drama,” and said, “It is not an urgent situation as reported, and a platelet transfusion required for the recovery process is necessary.” He added, “The situation in which AB+ blood must be continuously transfused is correct.”

The agency said, “The blood that Sung-won Choi needs is AB+, and the blood donation method is the same as the general blood donation method.” You can visit the donation center after inquiring about the possibility of blood platelet collection. After visiting, designate a platelet blood donation designator and collect blood. Please contact the company for information on blood donation designation.”

“We think that the priority is for Choi Seong-won to be well treated in a more stable psychological state,” he said. “Please refrain from reporting stimulating words and visiting the hospital in person.”

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The news of Choi Sung-won’s fight against disease was announced through a fellow actor. Musical actor Jo Ji-jin said on Twitter the day before, “I’m sorry for this tweet during the corona period. “A friend urgently needs platelet blood collection and blood transfusion,” he shared with the hospital and patient information.

Choi Seong-won’s real name, Choi Min-woo (born January 17, 1985) was specified, but netizens recognized that the patient was Choi Seong-won through the date of birth. In the related article, “It is AB+. I want to be a little help.” “I want to help. Please tell me the procedure” followed by a comment.

In response, the residents posted an additional post saying, “It is not necessary to have a large amount, but it is a situation that is constantly needed.”

Afterwards, as reports of Choi Seong-won being treated for a recurrence of leukemia, the agency said that the recurrence is correct, but it is not an urgent situation, saying, “Thank you to everyone who cares.”

Reporter Jeong Hye-jeong [email protected]

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