Actor Dileep And Wife Kavya Madhavan With Daughter, Video Goes Viral

Dileep and Kavya Madhavan’s daughter Mahalakshmi is an actress who rarely appears in front of the media. The five-year-old girl has now started appearing in public events with her father and mother.

Now Mahalakshmi’s latest video is going viral on social media. The main attraction of the video is Mahalakshmi walking hand in hand with Dileep and Kavya.

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In the video, Mahalakshmi can be seen smiling and posing with the Tara family who came to take pictures with them. Everyone is asking after watching the video that Mahalakshmi is getting big very fast.

In a recent wedding video, Mahalakshmi, who used to sit on Kavya’s lap and show a playful laugh, is seen in the new video walking with a bag like a grown-up child.

Kavya Madhavan calls his daughter Mamati dear. Kavya rarely appears in front of the camera with her daughter. Kavya and Dileep had a daughter in 2018. They got married in 2016. My sister Meenakshi shares the most pictures of Mahalakshmi. Meenakshi’s social media page is full of pictures with Mahalakshmi.

The love between sister and sister-in-law is evident from those pictures. Dileep has also often spoken about the relationship between the two.

Meenakshi was not with Dileep and Kavya this time, probably because she was busy with her studies. Meenakshi is studying medicine. Dileep also shared pictures of Mahalakshmi’s initials through social media. Kavya Madhavan is staying away from acting after becoming a family girl. Kavya’s world is a girl.

Dileep had recently said that Kavya used to say that she would take care of all her daughter’s affairs without asking anyone for help and that is what Kavya is doing now. Kavya is also not active on social media. The audience knows all the details through the actress’s fan page.

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Kavya Madhavan is a once shining actress in Malayalam. When you see Mahalakshmi, Kavya comes to mind and many comments say that the girl is a replica of the mother. Fans have noticed that Kavya is beautiful without makeup after seeing the look of the actress in the new video.

Dileep is busy with the release of his new films. Voice of Satyanathan is Dileep’s latest film which is gearing up for release. Veena is the heroine in the film. Joju George plays other important roles in the film. This is also Dileep’s film which is going to release theatrically after a long time. Dileep’s next film is Bandra. Tamannaah is also acting in the film.


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