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Actor Jo Han-seon was shot by a hakama… Suspicion of same-sex harassment has also been raised

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Hanseon Cho School Violence Disclosure Article/Photo = Online Community

There is a controversy over the posting of actor Jo Han-sun’s involvement in school violence in the past.

On the 10th, Jo Han-sun’s agency Mystic Story said, “I checked with Han-sun Jo right after the controversy broke out, and I received an answer that it was unfounded.”

Earlier on the 7th, an online community posted an article titled “Talent Han-sun Jo and the victim of a school abuse who was in the same class in middle school.” The author, who claimed to have been abused by Han-seon Jo, revealed with the photo of the graduation album of Yeokgok Middle School located in Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, “Han-sun Jo was the notorious Iljin among the reverse songs in the mid-1990s.”

The author claimed, “When he was in junior high school, he was already over 180cm tall, and because of the force coming out of a monster-like physique, Jo Han-seon was the subject of fear for small-sized students.” .

Furthermore, he said, “I once told me to buy gum at the store, but I still can’t forget that I was violent and swearing because there was no chewing gum of the brand I was talking about, so I bought something else.” In addition, he said, “Just like male students playing Bruce Lee in the movie, Jo Han-seon was also involved when the Iljins called out powerless children and played a joke that wielded violence for fun as a sandbag.”

The author claimed that he was sexually assaulted as well as assaulted by Jo Han-sun. The author wrote, “I once sat in a seat right next to Jo Han-seon in a music room, but I was forced to touch my penis and refused to do so, and then I was beaten.”

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Lastly, “It was a past event, but when I recall back then, it feels like my whole body’s blood flows upside down.” “Is it work?” he finished.

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