Actor Jung Woo-yeon Speaks Out on Sexual Harassment Accusations: Explaining the Misunderstanding

While actors Kim Hee-ra and Lee Ah-jin have faced allegations of sexually harassing fellow musical actors, Jung Woo-yeon, who was identified as a victim, has come forward to explain the situation. In a statement on his social media account on the 7th, Jung Woo-yeon expressed his surprise at the situation and proceeded to share his side of the story.

During a live broadcast, Jung Woo-yeon noticed a comment stating that he could answer questions about certain topics. Curious, he opened the comment window which allowed him to see all the questions being displayed publicly. However, he did not realize that others could see these questions as well, so he continued with the broadcast without addressing them. Jung Woo-yeon clarified that this was not an attempt for self-promotion, but rather a misunderstanding on his part.

Jung Woo-yeon also mentioned that he has personally spoken to the actors involved and hopes to avoid any further misunderstanding. He expressed gratitude for the concern shown by others.

Recently, online communities have raised concerns about the behavior of Lee Ah-jin and Kim Hee-ra, accusing them of openly asking intrusive questions regarding pregnancy to a musical actress on a live broadcast in 2021. The two individuals responsible for these questions were later revealed to be Lee Ah-jin and Kim Hee-ra.

In response, Lee Ah-jin stated on her social media account that she had discussed plans for having a child with a colleague, whom she referred to as B, during a meeting to congratulate the said colleague on their upcoming marriage. Lee Ah-jin clarified that she had expressed her desire for a happy family and mentioned the possibility of having a child around 2024.

A few days after this conversation, Lee Ah-jin used the “Ask Anything” function on Instagram to pose a question to another individual, referred to as A, asking if they planned to get pregnant in 2024. Lee Ah-jin claims she received A’s response to the question through personal contact.

Lee Ah-jin acknowledged that there might be a possibility of misunderstanding if one only read the sentence of her question without knowing the context. While admitting her negligence in sharing private information without considering its appropriateness for public disclosure, she emphasized that there was no intention to harm A or bring the conversation into the public sphere.

Jung Woo-yeon made his debut in 2018 with the musical “Finding Kim Jong-wook” and is currently performing in “Jesse’s Diary” and “Hook”.
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Jung Woo-yeon. Photo ㅣ Jung Woo-yeon SNS

While actors Kim Hee-ra and Lee Ah-jin were accused of sexually harassing fellow musical actors, Jung Woo-yeon, who was identified as a victim, explained the situation.

On the 7th, Jung Woo-yeon opened his mouth on his SNS, saying, “After receiving the call, I was surprised to see the situation, and now I am leaving a message.”

Jung Woo-yeon said, “At that time, during the live broadcast, I saw a comment saying that I could check questions about things, and with that function, I opened a window and all the things I received were displayed publicly. After opening the window, I didn’t recognize that the questions were being shown to others besides me, so I continued with Labang without commenting on the questions.”

He continued, “At the time of confirmation with the question of nothing, we had a lot of conversations about each other, so I thought it was an extension of the conversation, and I didn’t feel that I was disappointed by him. I want to say that this was not a question to publicize myself,” he said.

In addition, he added, “I have spoken to the actors involved and hope there is no misunderstanding. Thank you for your concern.”

Recently, in several online communities, a post has been posted pointing out the behavior of the two, saying that Ah-jin Lee and Hi-ra Kim have openly poured ‘pregnancy questions’ to the musical actress And, in 2021.

At the time, two anonymous netizens continued to ask questions in the comment window of Mr A’s live broadcast, “When are you going to get pregnant?”, “Are you going to get pregnant next year?”, “Are you” n planning to get pregnant? get pregnant in 2024?”. Viewers reported the two netizens, who were later revealed to be Lee Ah-jin and Kim Hi-ara.

Regarding this, Ah-jin Lee said on her SNS on the 7th, “I had a conversation with an acquaintance about colleague B’s plans for a child at a meeting with an acquaintance to congratulate colleague B, who is about to get married in 2021.” I wanted to have a happy family like this, and I said it would be nice if I had a child three years later, around 2024.”

“A few days after that conversation, Mr A posted a platform to receive questions using the Ask Anything function on Instagram. I thought only the author could verify the question sent, so I left a question for Mr A asking if he plans to get pregnant in 2024, and I got Mr A’s answer to that question through personal contact.”

Lee A-jin said, “I think there is a possibility of misunderstanding if you don’t know the situation and just read the sentence of my question.

It is my negligence to leave a private story without acknowledging whether it is a space that can be disclosed. However, I would like you to know that there was no intention to hurt Mr A at all, and there was no intention to raise the story publicly.”

Jung Woo-yeon debuted in 2018 with the musical ‘Finding Kim Jong-wook’. He is currently appearing in the musicals ‘Jesse’s Diary’ and ‘Hook’.

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