Actor Kim Dong-ho and Yoonjo from Hello Venus to Tie the Knot in November

Actor Kim Dong-ho and Yoonjo from Hello Venus to Tie the Knot in November

By Money Today Reporter Eun Lee | September 11, 2023 | 21:14

Actor Kim Dong-ho and Yoonjo from the popular group Hello Venus have announced their plans to get married in November. Make Story, Kim Dong-ho’s agency, revealed that the couple had developed their relationship from colleagues to lovers and were now ready to take the next step.

The wedding ceremony, which will be held in Seoul, will be a quiet and private affair, attended only by close family and friends.

Earlier in the day, both Kim Dong-ho and Yoonjo shared the joyous news with their fans through handwritten letters posted on their official fan cafe and personal Instagram accounts.

In his letter, Kim Dong-ho expressed his gratitude towards his fans who have been a part of his life for many years. He shared his excitement about starting a new chapter with his lifelong partner, stating that he was committed to becoming a more mature and brilliant actor.

Yoonjo, in her heartfelt letter, expressed her appreciation for Kim Dong-ho, who has been a pillar of support during her times of instability. She emphasized that they will always prioritize each other and strive for a healthy and bright life together.

The unexpected announcement may surprise some, but the couple kindly asked for the support and blessings of their fans as they embark on this new journey.

Kim Dong-ho, known for his appearances in various TV dramas and musicals, most recently captivated audiences with his stellar performance in the musical ’42nd Street on Broadway’ as the male lead character, Billy Lawlor.

Yoonjo, who first gained popularity as a member of Hello Venus, later participated in the idol reboot survival show ‘The Unit’ and was part of the group Unity.

As November approaches, fans eagerly await the joyous union of Kim Dong-ho and Yoonjo, wishing them a lifetime of happiness and love.

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Money Today Reporter Eun Lee | 2023.09.11 21:14

Actor Kim Dong-ho and Yoonjo from the group Hello Venus./Photo provided by Make Story Actor Kim Dong-ho and Yoonjo from the group Hello Venus will get married in November.

On the 11th, Make Story, Kim Dong-ho’s agency said, “Kim Dong-ho met a precious person and will be 100 years old in November. From a bride-to-be and a colleague, they developed into lovers, and continue to meet seriously based on respect and trust, leading to the fruition of their long-term love.” informed.

According to the agency, the wedding will be held quietly and privately somewhere in Seoul with both families, close relatives, and acquaintances invited.

Actor Kim Dong-ho./Photo provided by Make Story Earlier that day, Kim Dong-ho and Yoonjo announced the news of their marriage by posting handwritten letters through the official fan cafe and their own Instagram, in that order.

First, Kim Dong-ho said in a handwritten letter, “I am writing this letter because I want to tell you personally about my personal happiness,” and “I have met the person I want to be with as my lifelong partner, and I’m getting married in November this year.”

He continued, “It feels strange to announce the news of my marriage to my fans, who have been with me for almost half of my life,” and added, “Now, I plan to start a new second chapter of within warm confines. my family.”

He said, “I am sincerely grateful to you for loving and supporting me despite my flaws. I will work hard to repay you by becoming a more mature and brilliant actor.”

Yoonjo, a former member of the group Hello Venus. / Photo = Yoonjo’s Instagram Yoonjo also released a handwritten letter and a wedding photo, saying, “Today, I’m writing a handwritten letter like this because I have something I want to say to you. It’s no different than meet the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.” “We’ll be married before winter comes,” he said of the wedding news.

Yoonjo expressed her affection for her future groom Kim Dong-ho, saying, “He helped me a lot when I was very unstable and in danger, and he was someone who always stood by my side reliably.” He continued, “As we have done so far, we will always think of each other first, love each other, and walk together towards a healthy and bright life.”

Yoonjo from the group Hello Venus. / Photo = Yoonjo’s Instagram Yoonjo said, “There may be people who are surprised by the sudden news, but I think it will help a lot if you support us and bless us for our start first together.” He added, “Everyone gives their blessings. “I sincerely thank you and hope you have a healthy and happy day by paying attention to your health during the change of seasons.”

He finished the post by saying, “From now on, I will often greet you with a healthier appearance and good news.”

Meanwhile, Kim Dong-ho first appeared in the musical ‘Secret Garden’ in 2005, and has since appeared in MBC’s drama ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, KBS2’s ‘Wild Romance’, ‘You Who Rolled on the Vine’, JTBC’s ‘Elegant Friends’, and ‘Undercover’. Recently, he met the audience by playing the role of Billy Lawlor, the male lead in the musical ’42nd Street on Broadway’.

Yoonjo first appeared in the group Hello Venus in 2012 and worked for about two years, after which he took fourth place in the idol reboot survival show ‘The Unit’ and worked as a member of the group Unity .

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