Actor Lee Jin-Woo Reveals Miraculous Recovery from Cerebral Hemorrhage on ‘Chairman’s People’ Variety Show

Lee Jin-woo, actor of the popular entertainment show ‘Chairman’s People’, shared his remarkable recovery from a cerebral hemorrhage. In an episode of the tvN STORY show, Lee Jin-woo and his wife, Lee Eung-kyung, who have been married for 19 years, will be the special guests.

During the show, Lee Jin-woo revealed that he once shaved his head due to brain surgery, which was necessary because of a brain hemorrhage. He explained that he underwent surgery 27 hours after the incident, even though the optimal time for treating cerebral hemorrhage is within 3 hours. His recovery story amazed everyone and was regarded as a miraculous occurrence.

In the preview for the upcoming episode, it was announced that renowned actress Kim Hye-ja, also known as the ‘national mother’, would be making an appearance. The anticipation is high since Kim Hye-ja and Kim Yong-gun, who starred together in the drama ‘Immigration Diary,’ will reunite on air after approximately 20 years.

Additionally, the previous episode featured visits from presidents Kim Young-ok and Seo Kwon-soon. Kim Young-ok, known for her exceptional portrayal of elderly characters, shared her profound professionalism and love for her craft, stating that she never despised any role throughout her 60-year acting career.

The main broadcast will showcase not only the emotional reunion of Kim Yong-gun and Kim Hye-ja but also the inspiring acting philosophy of Kim Young-ok. Furthermore, audiences can expect appearances by Lee Jin-woo and Lee Eung-gyeong, a well-known couple in the entertainment industry.

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Reporter Taebyeong Chae, Money Today | 2023.09.04 10:45

/Photo=tvN STORY The entertainment show ‘Chairman’s People’ actor Lee Jin-woo reveals the past when he miraculously overcame a cerebral hemorrhage.

On the afternoon of the 4th, tvN STORY’s variety show ‘Chairman’s People’ will feature Lee Jin-woo and Lee Eung-kyung, who have been married for 19 years, as guests.

According to the public announcement, Lee Jin-woo talked about the ‘shaving styling’ he once did. Lee Jin-woo said, “The reason I shaved my head was because of brain surgery,” and “I had a brain hemorrhage.”

Lee Jin-woo said at the time that he underwent surgery 27 hours after a brain haemorrhage. It is known that the golden time for cerebral hemorrhage is 3 hours. He was surprised by an anecdote about recovering from surgery with the likelihood of a miracle.

In the preview, the visit of actress Kim Hye-ja, who is famous for being a ‘national mother’, was also revealed. According to the rumours, there was a big welcome for Kim Hye-ja and Kim Yong-gun, who met on air after about 20 years after the end of the drama ‘Immigration Diary’.

Following the last broadcast, visits to presidents Kim Young-ok and Seo Kwon-soon are also removed. Kim Young-ok said that she has been acting as an elderly person since she was in her 20s and showed special professionalism, saying, “I have never hated any role in my 60 years of acting life.”

The emotional reunion of Kim Yong-gun and Kim Hye-ja, the acting philosophy of Kim Young-ok, and the appearances of Lee Jin-woo and Lee Eung-gyeong, the representative couple in the entertainment world, can be seen in the main broadcast.

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