Actor Mukesh Methil Devika Divorce Reasons Mukesh Removed From a Reality Show based on Recent Issues | There is no end to the controversy, the latest news that Mukesh will be excluded from the reality show?

Trivandrum: Mukesh-Methil Devika divorce news and controversy followed by problems in Mukesh’s TV shows. There are indications that Mukesh has been dropped from a leading Malayalam reality show which has already started shooting and completed up to four episodes. Indications are that it is due to divorce and subsequent controversy.

There are even reports among the channels that Mukesh has been downgraded among family audiences. However, there are reports that Mukesh himself withdrew from the deal with the channel without heeding the latest controversy. In any case, there are indications that the problems in the Methil-Devika Mukesh marriage will inevitably affect Mukesh’s career as well.

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Badai Bungalow on Asianet was one of Mukesh’s best shows. This too was later discontinued. That day. It was made clear that the hustle and bustle after becoming an MLA continued. The details of the new reality show are not currently specified by the channel.

Where did Mukesh go wrong?

A section of the audience still says that Mukesh has not lost his temper since he left his relationship with Saritha. The phone calls themselves often trapped the star. His immaturity, even as a Member of Parliament, has cut off Mukesh and the CPM in many places.

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Mukesh’s defeat in Kollam was initially predicted. He was even accused of being an MLA who did not even look back at the constituency. Then again, at the mercy of the CPM, the Assembly somehow saw it again.

To date, however, Mukesh has not responded to any news of his divorce. Mukesh replied to many callers that there was no such thing

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