Actor Qin Hailu talks about “Their Name”: It is not my real character to play

Actor Qin Hailu talks about “Their Name”: It is not my real character to play

2022-09-19 18:12:25Source: Xi’an News Network

“There are many chicken soup essays that I have learned successfully. Anyway, I look very bluffing.” said Qin Hailu, who played the female boss in the popular female group portrait drama “Their Name “, recently in an interview with some national media reporters My understanding of “strong women”.

“What is success in the end? I think raising your own children is growing up, it’s also a success; you complete a KPI this month at the workplace, it’s also called a success. And can a strong woman be vulnerable? People will accept her when she’s vulnerable. Yes? I think people are very rich and multifaceted, so don’t highlight a certain aspect of her to evaluate her.”

As a female group drama focusing on the living conditions of contemporary urban women, the three heroines Lei Li, Ren Duomei and Shen Jianan in “Their Names” represent three typical urban female groups. Lei Li, played by Qin Hailu, is one of the founders of a well-known shopping platform and a female executive. She is a strong woman in the drama. The beautiful “full-time wife” considers running a family as her career, and being troubled by her original family in the process of realizing her dream; Shen Jianan, played by Weiwei, is a rich girl who has just graduated from abroad and returned to China. Only “correcting the workplace” with the energy of a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.

Since the drama aired, it has garnered widespread attention and ignited discussions on the Internet because it deals with popular social topics such as strong women, unmarried older women, full-time wives, and indigenous families. The friendship of the three main female characters across ages and occupations, who know each other and help each other, has generated a lot of resonance. And they boldly tear away the label given by the secular society, and the courage, wisdom and courage to live their own style is also very commendable.

“To be honest, I don’t set limits for myself, and character design has never been a criterion for me to choose a drama. I have also played bad people, imperfect people, and good people. “Talking about her own standards for choosing dramas, Qin Hailu said, as soon as she got the script of “Their Name”, she felt that “the language is very refined” and “there are comments to conclude on many things” , which makes people get a sense of “watching a cool drama”.

In “Their Names”, Qin Hailu’s performance succeeded in subverting the impression of “wearing suits and stereotypical faces” of strong women in previous film and TV dramas, making the role of Lei Li flesh-and-blood, three-dimensional and layered, strong and vulnerable People convince and love.

Qin Xiaolu also admitted that Director Mou Xiaojie’s unique aesthetic awareness stimulated her creative enthusiasm, and it was a very pleasant collaboration, “In the process of filming, he had many angles that were really ‘unconventional’, which stimulated my enthusiasm great. Creative interests, for example, it can shoot at a 45-degree angle behind my ears, and it can also shoot my side, even the front side, I think it’s very interesting. Moreover , he has a very strong personal aesthetic understanding of the tone and art of the whole play When I saw the film for the first time, I was very surprised and happy, because I saw completely different colors, different compositions and different new ways of telling stories. ” Zeng Shixiang, a reporter from Xi’ All Media Newspaper

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