Actor Siddharth apologizes to Saina Nehwal

Tamil actor Siddharth has apologized in a controversial tweet against badminton player Saina Nehwal. Siddharth shared his apology on Twitter.

“Dear Saina, I would like to apologize for the harsh joke I wrote in response to your tweet a few days ago. I disagree with you on many things. But when I read your tweet I felt angry or frustrated but could not justify my words, ”he tweeted. As a woman you can be sure that she had no ill intentions to attack you as people allege. It is hoped that this apology will be accepted. The letter concludes by saying that you will always be my winner.

Saina tweeted in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi after he blocked his motorcade. Compromising on the security of its own prime minister does not mean that the country is self-sufficient. Saina tweeted that she strongly condemns this. Controversial is the reference used by Siddharth in sharing this tweet. There were huge protests against this from various quarters.

Saina also said that she liked Siddharth as an actor and that the reference was bad. Protests intensified, demanding that the National Commission for Women voluntarily register the case and block Siddharth’s account. Following this, Siddharth came up with an apology. The tweet against Saina has also been deleted from his Twitter account.



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