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Original Title: Actor Street Shooting Hong Kong Aberdeen Chen Weiting appeared in the rain, Mr. Hai died because of Alzheimer’s tendency?

report! It’s the weekend, and the street male star took a picture of it (obsessed with being a newspaper boy)~

In Chinese this week, not only the rare Hong Kong Chai William Chan appeared in the rain, but also Wan Chai (not) Wu Jianhao, whose exposure was constantly rising, appeared handsome. As for the party in Europe and the United States, Mr. Hai announced his temporary retirement due to the tendency of Alzheimer’s disease, while Mr. Gun, Pete and others are busy dating. It is a scene of couples and couples.

On November 17, William Chan appeared in Shanghai

Rainy day, wet scene, withered leaves all over the ground, a Hong Kong man in khaki overalls walking towards you with his head down, ahhh, who knows the atmosphere (be more handsome without a cold hat)! William is definitely a rarity in street photography, and this look has to be given to you at the start.

On November 17, Vanness Wu appeared in Shanghai

VanNess, holding flowers in his hand, is a very Taiwanese drama hero (after all, he has acted for so many years) ~ he still has the trendy street hip-hop style he likes’ n big

His upper body is a sweater from his own brand ICEKINGDOM that Rapper ICE Yang Changqing gave him. It seems that the relationship between brother and brother is very good.

On November 6, Xiao Jingteng appeared in Chengdu

Yushen wore KENZO’s new product and set out to record “Our Song”. The high-saturation floral padded jacket and the dark-colored bottoms do not seem to be inconsistent, and the purple sneakers add to the “coquettishness”, and the contrast is a good match.

(Hahahaha, why does it go so well with Emma Roberts in the actress street shoot yesterday!)

On November 17th, Lee Seung-hyun appeared in Beijing

The editor no longer has to look at his face, as long as he is hanging Black Coat + long + feathers, Lee Seung-hyun will not run away! This is his true love to wear ~

This time, the gray and black plaid shirt and bag have a little echo, and it also adds a sense of hierarchy to the black body (can’t help but guess if this pendant has any special meaning).

On November 13, Yuan Hong appeared in Xiamen

Yuan Hong, who finished his trip to the Golden Rooster Awards, was dressed in Southeast Asian holiday style, walking to the airport in a relaxed and comfortable way, and his pink hat was also full of “heart girly”. I don’t know if you have heard of this stem – “Yuan Hong is the man behind the golden rooster actor”, Zhu Yilong has this year, Zhang Yi last year, and Huang Xiaoming, to all one thing in common is to sit in front of Yuan Hong


On November 11, Huang Jue appeared in Shanghai

Uncle Jue and his wife Maizi are in front of each other. In addition to masks and matching colors, they both also carry casual backpacks on their backs. It’s not a couple’s outfit but a couple’s outfit!

On November 14, Qin Hao appeared in Shanghai

The gray and black color scheme has a mature and stable atmosphere, and the little stars on the cap and peak shoes bring a touch of youthful energy. Recently, “The Big Game” starring him and Wan Qian has been launched, and fans of the drama will be catching up.

On November 17 local time, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox appeared in Los Angeles

This year’s GQ Men’s Annual Party is still full of stars. Megan, who wears a transparent suit and leopard print pants, opens with Gunner. Gunner’s hair color changes more often than Megan. This time, they both focused on a quiet and sexy style, not as gorgeous as before, and it was a bright spot.

On November 17 local time, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker appeared in Los Angeles

Travis and the elder sister are more relaxed and chilled than the two upstairs, but with Travis’ expression and clenched fists, how do you feel whoever looks at the elder sister for a second is beaten by him


This is a group photo of the four of you, this is also a “famous scene” for the wife Which one do you like better?

On November 18 local time, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky appeared in New York

This week’s hot news: After Mr. Hai learned he was prone to Alzheimer’s disease, he announced a temporary hiatus.

When they were photographed going out for a walk with their wife two days ago, the two were still holding hands and looking in good shape.

On 18 November local time, Cristiano Ronaldo appeared in Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo is on his way to Qatar to participate in the World Cup, he wears a suit and leather shoes, and he looks like a male model on the catwalk. The first game will take place on November 20. I wonder if there are any fans among you?

On November 15 local time, Tobey Maguire appeared in Santa Monica

Toby you boy! After Pete and Mili’s relationship exploded, our little spider Toby also embraced the long-legged beauty, with a very happy expression and a relaxed posture. Earlier this year, didn’t he break up with his girlfriend Tatiana Dieteman who had been dating for three years? It seems that the new spring has come again (as expected by Xiao Lizi’s best friend


On November 13 local time, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher appeared in Los Angeles

The two came to the Crypto arena to watch the Lakers game in a very cheeky way. Although they were dressed casually, they still wore burgundy masks to support the Lakers ~ Ashton lowered his hat and put on a plaid shirt, and wore Mila and Brown long jacket, so cosy.

On November 12 local time, Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham appeared in Beverly Hills

Following the last time I “robbed” my wife of ice cream on the street in Dabu, this time I enjoyed frozen yogurt alone, without letting my wife hold my hand, bent my back, and it was shorter than Nicola…

On November 11 local time, Rihanna and A$AP Rockey appeared in Los Angeles

The young couple joined hands to attend the Mercer + Prince brand party, a whiskey brand founded by Brother A. A is very attractive (it can be seen that Japanese women are very fond of strappy high heels)!

On November 12 local time, King Charles and Prince William appeared in London

Members of the royal family were commemorating Queen Elizabeth at the Albert Hall, Charles and William were both wearing military uniforms, and they were still very impressive.

One thing to say, William is handsome in a hat (covering the hairline).

On November 16 local time, Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson appeared in New York

Pete, you boy, here’s another beautiful woman! On his birthday, he had a sweet date with Mi Li, and they both wore matching jacket couple outfits, admiring them.

Is it cold, and everyone’s love heart is around the corner? Let’s not talk, the editor went to dig wild vegetables first

Beep beep.

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