actress attack case have been discussed in Thrikkakara by election

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Cochin: Actor and director says case against actress in Thrikkakara by-election should have been discussed. Lal’s answer to the question whether the case of attacking the actress during the election was dragged out unnecessarily.

‘This is not to say that the subject is unnecessary. That is the problem in the country. Plus or minus the problems that are happening in the country can not be said. The case of attacking the actress is a big problem. Lal said it was a second matter whether to use it for elections or not. That is for everyone to decide. If there is any other problem, it is the strategy of the election to use it. No one can be blamed for that. Lal said.

PT Thomas and Rajeev were on the run when the actress was attacked. It’s not about giving me money or saving my family. Lal added that he only stood by me when a child had a problem.

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