Actress Attack Case latest update balachandrakumar says he never said buisness man mehaboob is the vip |

Kochi : Actress assault case (Actress Attack Case) Director Balachandra Kumar reacts after a Kottayam businessman informs him that he is not a VIP (Balachandrakumar) Arrived on the scene. Director Balachandra Kumar said that he did not say that Mehboob was the VIP. At the same time, he said he did not know if he had come to the scene with such a reaction.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the police’s efforts to trace the VIP are in the final stages. Balachandrakumar said that sound samples of three persons are being tested now. Mehboob, a businessman from Kottayam, came to the scene this morning saying that he was not the person who was allegedly handing over the footage in the case of attacking the actress.

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I do not know about Balachandra Kumar’s allegations. Mehboob says he found out about it when he saw the news and called his friends. I went to Dileep’s house only once, three years ago. The move comes in connection with the opening of De Put’s Qatar branch. Mehboob explained that Kavya, her mother and father were there when she went there.

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I do not know Dileep’s brother or son-in-law. Investigators have not yet called. I do not know the director Balachandra Kumar. Mehboob clarified that he did not even remember seeing it. Director Balachandra Kumar alleges that a person whom Dileep and Kavya call Dileep’s time at Dileep’s house came there and handed over a pen drive to Dileep.

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Balachandra Kumar had revealed that the man, who was behaving like a VIP, had told the officer who arrested Dileep that peace would come only if he sat in front of the minister and said something bad. But Mehboob says he has no ties to ministers. Ministers will have to be seen for any purpose. But there were no requirements, Mehboob explained.

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