Actress Deepa Pauline Jessica of Vaaidhaa Actress Dies By Suicide Thupparivalan passed away

Chennai: Deepa alias Pauline Jessica (29), who acted as an actress and supporting heroine in Tamil films, was found hanging dead. The main conclusion is that he committed suicide due to love disappointment.

Deepa has acted in small roles in Tamil films, CS. She was famous for her role as a heroine in the film ‘Vaita’, released this year and directed by Mahivarman. She was one of the supporting actresses in Thuppariwalan directed by Meisgyn. Virugumbakkam was found hanging from a fan in his apartment while he was about to act in some other films. According to the police, Deepa was alone in the flat and her relatives came looking for her when she did not pick up the phone.

(Note: Suicide is not an answer, seek help from mental health professionals and try to survive. Toll free helpline: 1056)

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