“Actress honor in her 50s…” Man suddenly ‘apologies’ for accusing him of being married

Man B, who sued actress A in her 50s on charges of marriage impersonation and special threats, abruptly canceled the press conference. Actress A made her debut as a film actress in the 1990s and is known to have appeared in dramas and films until recently.

In an official statement released on the 21st, Mr B announced that he would be canceling the press conference scheduled to take place at 3 pm on the same day, saying, “All the reported circumstances are due my greed for business.”

Mr. met B with Mr. And for the first time on a golf course through recognition and offered a partnership with Mr. A. Mr B gave financial assistance to Mr. A for about a year to recruit him for the entertainment company he was setting up, but he received a reply from Mr A saying that it was impossible to sign a contract with a new company.

Mr. said B, “I had no idea that my fool thought I should get back the expenses I paid for the recruitment, regardless of the will of Mr. A while I was experiencing financial difficulties, that would cause such a big uproar in the society. I will accept any punishment sweetly in all circumstances.”

He continued, “I have ruined the honor that an actress has built throughout her life. We sincerely apologize to Actor A, his family, acquaintances, and fans for once again causing a social scandal.”

Mr B previously filed a lawsuit claiming a contract sum of 111.6 million won against Mr A, claiming that Mr A had an affair with him. According to Mr B, he, who was the head of a family, maintained a relationship with actress A, who also had a family, for two years until July this year.

Mr B claimed that he accepted Mr. And to marry and divorce, and that he has provided financial support. Also, in April last year, he and A divorced for remarriage, but Mr A said he was not divorced. The total amount of money spent over the two years is equivalent to 400 million won, but the situation is that he will get 111.6 million back, limited to the money he used only for Mr.

By Kim Yoo-min

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